24 Responses to “Terry O’quinn interview at Skyone “kinda spoilers””

  1. Dan says:

    At about 5:30 Terry mentions hanging off a cliff with Sawyer. Is he talking about something from an older season cos I don’t remember it.
    If he isn’t… :O

    • Kevin says:

      No, I think that’s new because he said his arms were sore from filming it! Shazam!

      • Dan says:

        Oh yeah…
        I feel silly now :D I like little spoilers like that, cos it makes you excited for the next episode(s) but doesn’t give any plot details away.
        I’ve gone spoiler-free ever since I stumbled upon Season 3’s surprise flash-forward ending an hour before it aired on Sky1 :(

        • Kevin says:

          It’s the kind of spoiler I like, too, because it’s really just a tease. We know that at some point, Locke and Sawyer both end up hanging off a cliff together! How that ends up happening, though, is fuel for our imaginations, especially since those two characters aren’t even together in the same time period at the moment.

  2. Rickster says:

    The video wont play for me… anyone else?

  3. blackhart23 says:

    just reload it a couple of times and it works fine…
    Hanging off a cliff eh, wonder what that means…

  4. dp2 says:

    Speaking of spoilers, if you don’t want them and you’re a fan of Lost on Facebook, don’t look at their posts.

  5. JimD says:

    Also, stay off of twitter if you want to stay spoiler free.

  6. JimmyFord says:

    Don’t know if this qualifies as spoiler, but just read that Watros and Perrineau will be in S6!!! Excellent. Maybe Libby gets to shoot Michael this time???

  7. Mirko says:

    (false smiley alert) :+o+) =/= :+)

  8. Mack says:

    What I thought was cool was when he said that Flocke will be having a conversation with Ben in an upcoming episode about Ben strangling Locke.

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