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On Saturday morning before the S6 premiere on the beach, I was invited on a private press tour of Lost filming locations on Oahu, led by executive producer Jean Higgins. With ABC’s permission, I am now allowed to share these photos with you.

We all know that Ajira flight 316 landed on the island in S5, but that plane was pure CGI. The following photos are of a completely new Ajira plane that the amazing Lost construction and design crew built from scratch! This is considered a spoiler because, given the lengths and expense they went to in order to create such an enormous prop, the plane and its passengers must feature prominently in this final season. Frankly, after just finishing episode 6.01 (LA X), I wouldn’t be surprised if a certain someone attempts to fix the plane in the near future, in order to leave the island. And don’t forget that both Ben and Captain Lapidus know the coordinates to do so…

[nggallery id=81]

In addition, while touring the survivor’s beach camp, we came upon what looks to be a fresh grave site among the others near Eko’s church.

[nggallery id=82]

My site is strictly spoiler-free, but I had to share these photos with those of you who enjoy this type of scoop in advance. Feel free to discuss the possibilities of both spoilers below!

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3 Responses to “Exclusive Photos from LOST S6 Set Visit (Spoiler Alert)!”

  1. Hipster Doofus says:

    Very cool! Thanks Jope! I think your theory about the prop is spot on.

  2. You know what? I was so excited about Season 3’s runway being there for Ajira 316 to land on that it never occurred to me that they could use it to take off again. Ha, LOST’s end game revealed!

  3. neoloki says:

    Fix the plane? With what? There is a cache of spare jet airplane parts on the Island, plus the tools to fix the plane? A pilot is a pilot and not a mechanic. I have read this idea before and find it asinine.

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