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LOST 5.04 – The Little Prince – Easter Eggs Revealed

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lost-504-easter-egg-007Aside from Jorge Garcia being reduced to ‘cameo’ status in his one brief, and very bright, jailhouse scene, LOST 5.04 “The Little Prince” was overflowing with fan nods, easter eggs, and good old fashioned geek-out moments.  Continue on for more discoveries.

Jorge’s brief scene amounted to “hi, how are you? I’m happy in jail!”  Wasn’t the big caged heat epic I was hoping for, but beggars can’t be choosers. Maybe next week?  Now on to the more revealing stuff.


One of the geekiest moments for me was the island gang seeing the hatch-light from afar.   Oh, but the coolness that could have – and should have – been if Locke run into Locke.  Then again, maybe that would have veared the show into another one of those dreaded Time Travel cliches.


Ajira finally made its first appearance on LOST.  The question is, where in time were the lostaways at this point?  Is there another plane crash on the horizon?  Who were the mysterious ‘Others’ that were following Sawyer and gang?


Your anagram solving script does not deceive you:  that van does say “reincarnation” on it, if you scramble the letters.  What does this mean, reincarnation for Locke?  Perhaps Richard Alpert isn’t ageless at all, maybe reincarnation is what the island’s indigenous cult is all about.


Young Danielle and crew showed up – note Montand still has his fricken arm – but for how long?  If they get caught jumping through time, things could get pretty twisted.  And can everyone join me in asking:  what the heck happened to Daniel’s “if it didn’t happen it can’t happen” rule, and the street metaphors, and all that… nonesense?


Besixdouze is the name of Rousseu’s boat.  It is also the name of a very important ‘mass’ from the book “The Little Prince.”  I suggest you get your butt to wikipedia and start doing some research.


It was like the hatch map and Ben’s journal all over again!  Sun’s intriguing private investigator report kept us busy for an hour or so, until we realized it was swiped from an online game.  (Read the transcript right here.)

Your turn!  What did you see in “The Little Prince”?  Lay it on us.

From TVFrenzy: True Detective s2 E8: Omega Station (First Thoughts)

  • professorstotch

    Nice easter eggs.

    I’ve envisioned the scene of Locke running into Locke…

    Past Locke: What is going on here?
    Future Locke: Listen it’s kind of hard to explain. But I’m you, in the future. And I need you to do something very important.

    (Past Locke looks intrigued. Future Locke whispers him a message. Seconds later we see a flash and he’s gone. We hear a voice off-screen)

    Man with Asian Accent: What’d he say?
    Past Locke: He said…if I save the Oceanic Six…I’ll save the world…

    (The camera reveals none other than Hiro as the Man with Asian Accent.)

    Past Locke: I think I’m traveling through time…
    Hiro: Like Star Trek…

    L O S T

  • Mandeville

    Well, aside from Juliet having shot the newly returned Oceanic 6 during a harrowing canoe chase? Oh snap!

    …and why was the neck portion of Vincent’s leash uncut? Did he do a doggy disappearing act?

    …just sayin’

    • Casey

      Maybe Vincent is time-hopping as well. Perhaps his leash did not hop as well…

      • Mandeville

        That does beg the question regarding the time hoppers clothes, knives, etc…, but I do want to believe there is a time hopping Vincent. I would LOVE to see an episode from Vincent’s perspective.

        • professorstotch


  • imfromthepast

    “what the heck happened to Daniel’s “if it didn’t happen it can’t happen” rule, and the street metaphors, and all that… nonesense?”

    What do you mean? Nothing happened to it, the rules are still very much in play. In fact if you pop your Season 1 DVD into the VCR you’re sure to see Sawyer watching Aaron’s birth in the bushes.

    • Mandeville

      If you pop your DVD into the VCR you’re more likely to see a newly scratched DVD wedged in a VHS tray.

      • TRoss


  • rick

    why doesn’t danielle recognize jin in the future?

    • Mandeville

      His hair was shorter and his lips less chappy.

      • rick

        i think she did actually as if i recall .. at her initial visit to the beach camp .. didnt she seem to stare down jin in a confused daze?

        • TRoss

          Future!Danielle didn’t remember Jin because it hadn’t happened yet. It would work the same as Desmond suddenly recalling he’d met Daniel outside the hatch in the past. Future!Danielle would probably be experiencing that memory if she weren’t six feet (okay, three feet) under.

          Of course, Desmond’s “special” so it might not work that way.

          • Alaine

            I totally agree with you. Well put!

          • Ed Holden

            I disagree. Most of what we’ve seen so far in Lost’s take on time travel demonstrates that when people travel back in time they simply fit into events, rather than change them. (The only exception to this is Desmond, something Daniel states outright in Because You Left.) So I suspect that 16 years of solitude and a lot of disorientation account for Danielle not recognizing Jin in 2004, and that Jin has always been a part of Danielle’s history. And that he won’t change anything.

            Remember, we know that Richard traveled to the mainland to see Locke’s birth, and did the test with the compass, well before Locke had traveled back to 1954. The reason for this is that Locke’s brief presence in 1954 was part of the history of the island even before this season.

  • numbersarebad

    maybe when they run into themselves, one of themselves becomes invisible through course correction, and all that remains are whispers.

    • sv

      I like that idea!

      I’ve read somewhere else (Vozzek69’s recap on darkufo) that the whispers and the drenching rain could be manifestations of time skipping/travelling, too.

      Damn I hope they tell us one day what those damn whispers are – and also how in the world does Locke now when it’s going to rain (or stop raining)?

  • imfromthepast

    Why doesn’t Danielle recognize Jin in the future?
    There can be several answers to that.
    A. She did, but didn’t want to sound crazier than she already sounded by letting everyone know.
    B. She forgot in the intervening 16 years on the Island.
    C. Jin and Danielle haven’t exactly spent a whole lot of time together, why would she think that one Asian guy among the 815ers is the same Asian guy she and her team pulled out of the water when they first arrived on the Island?

    Given the fact that Danielle wasn’t exactly the type to sit down and tell everyone everything she knew, it is entirely possible that she did in fact recognize Jin from when she first arrived on the Island, but just didn’t say anything.

    • DT

      Did Jin And Rousseau actually spend anytime together? Can anyone reference somewhere they definitely met?

      • rick

        the beach

        • DT

          When does that take place in the story?

  • spinflip

    I think it’s funny how Sawyer still has that rifle, although the other stuff from the 50s has disappeared during the flashes. The same thing with the canoe: The one they’re on doesn’t jump through time, the other one does.

    • Hexonxonx

      The one they’re on did jump through time, they paddled it back to shore

      • spinflip

        You know what I mean… It doesn’t jump from their perspective, i.e. it doesn’t disappear from beneath them.

  • August

    the zodiac didn’t disappear during the initial jump. i think it has something to do with the person doing the jumping being physically in contact with objects. but i don’t know.

  • VeryInformedAboutLost

    i can’t pinpoint the exact episode, but from what i remember, jin, sawyer, and Rousseau…and maybe some other people did go hunting or searching together at one point.. and let’s not forget how weird things are already…just because we haven’t seen from previous episodes that jin and Rousseau may or may not have spent time together from what we knew…maybe they’ll add something new, showing that jin and Rousseau saw eachother and did interact with each other at one point.. it’s a possibility….

    • Lost Mom of Four

      Jin would not have recognized her at that time right? Of course he probably would have just thought she was crazy and wouldn’t have understood what she was saying anyway.

  • bioariel

    Did anyone notice that Locke started acting calmer on 5×04?
    It seems to me like he’s finally reaching his destiny… it was more obvious in the first scene with John in it…

    • rick

      yeah he seems less in a panic mode .. but he’s been through out the show .. up then down then up then down .. so two more episodes from now he’ll work up a panic

  • Medic

    Did anyone else think that was Michael floating on the driftwood? or was the wooden part of the bridge he was gonna float on already burnt to ashes. :)

    If they take stuff with them in time jumps, can lock grab himself and take him to a third locke, or drop off second locke so he can go to donkey wheel to die while first locke stays alive on the island time jumping? :)

    Faraday made the comment to ghost boy asking him if he had been on the island before after he was notified of ghost boys bloody nose. Is that a requirement for getting the bloody nose sickness? If so then the list is growing of former vacationers to the island.

  • tsfogg

    I was surprised by the reveal of Danielle being the “LOST” shot of the episode. I don’t feel like it’s that big of a deal. It’s cool to see her, but it’s not a game changer.



  • sv

    One question I asked myself for the past 3 episodes is: where the hell are Bernard and Rose? They were there at the beginning of the 1st episode, then Juliet talks about going to the hatch and boom, R&B are just gone. WTH?

    Aren’t these actors kind of tired of being seen like 10 minutes per season?

  • Stan

    Ask yourself this question: If Faraday talked to Desmond outside the hatch in the past, why didn’t Desmond remember Faraday when he dropped on the island from the freighter? It’s the same question everyone’s asking about Rousseau and Jin.

    I think that when you interact with someone in their past that you didn’t originally, it triggers a shift in their consciousness later on. Like when Desmond woke up off-island after Daniel’s warning. If Rousseau were still alive, it would have triggered a memory shift.

    Maybe this explains why Faraday, who was so confused and befuddled last season, is now Mr. Take Charge. Someone went back into his past, told him something, triggered a change, leaving him confused when we first see him. As his mind adjusts to this new memory, he becomes sharper mentally. He knows (or remembers) something now that we haven’t been let in on yet.

  • Rob

    I think the answer is simply, “the rules don’t apply to Desmond.”

    As far as characters being on the island for long periods of time: Does anyone think that Miles is the child of Dr. Candle seen in first episode of this season?

  • Mrs. Alpert

    I had no clue who was on the driftwood… and I wasn’t too happy that it was Jin.
    I doubt that Miles ever “vacationed” on the island; the Others only let people survive if they want them to… vacationers ruin places, so I think the Others would kill them. Miles is the son of Dr. Candle or some other Dharma Other…. We already knew that Charlotte was… shouldn’t Daniel be next on the nosebleed list… unless someone if pregnant…

  • Rob

    I also wonder if Daniel is a young Alvar Hanso.

  • meems

    No, no, Daniel can’t be Hanso. Hanso is completely different and is from Europe or something. Sweden?
    Miles is certainly the son of Dr. Martin Candle/Pierre Chau (?).

    And I have to go back and rewatch it, but I’ve heard there’s an easter egg of Hurley’s imaginary friend Dave in the LA lockup. Can this be verified?

  • C.

    I’m pretty sure he enters the lobby at the end of the scene.
    A guard holds the door for him, as he is hand cuffed.

    I think…

    • meems

      Yeah, I watched it again. I think you’re right. I need HD TV!

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