What is Numerology?

Numerology is a strategy for divination in which numbers are used as symbols of the distinctive vibrational patterns that form our human experience. Long ago, the Chaldeans came to the conclusion that all the matter that exists on earth is made up of energy at varying states of vibration. Modern science is now following up on this theory. Numerology allows you to study the connections between numbers, circumstances, personality traits and events.

Numerology is very much similar to Astrology. According to numerologists, specific numbers are associated with places, people and events and these numbers can help in the better understanding of how things work and help predict possible outcomes of situations. It is believed that by using numerology, information about each individual person and the world can be uncovered. Numerology is considered to be the universal language of numbers. The basic idea behind numerology is that when the system of the universe is broken down, we are left with numbers as basic elements, which further aid us to get a better knowledge of ourselves and the universe.

The History of Numerology

The art of numerology has been around since the discovery of mathematics and it holds a lot of importance for several cultures to this date. Numerology is known to have been used and studied by many civilizations for thousands of years. But like various other philosophies, how numerology was discovered and where it came from still has not been discovered till date. Most of the ancient information regarding numerology can be found in Egypt and Babylon. Whereas, evidence of numerology being used thousands of years ago can also be found in Greece, china, Rome and Japan.

One famous name that is linked to numerology is Pythagoras. Even though it is not sure if he was the inventor of numerology, the credit of the modern day numerology goes to him. He had certain theories regarding numerology which gave the whole concept a new face. Numerology was named by Dr. Julian Stento. He helped people recognize its significance in these current times.

Why is Numerology Important?

The whole concept of how numerology works is very complicated and requires in-depth knowledge about the subject to properly understand it. It is easy to find numbers that are linked to your life and things such as your personality traits, expression and possible outcomes of situations you are going through. However, in order to understand how these numbers influence each other and interpret them properly, a professional numerologist is required. According to numerology, our life and the cosmos are affected by our birth name, birth date and other several other things linked to an individual. Hence, numerology readings can go into great depths to provide information and insight the life of a person. It is believed that your name and your birth date can actually influence how your life will turn out, as well as your personality characteristics and what paths you will take in life.

The Two Schools of Numerology

Numerology has two main schools of thought: the Chaldean system and the Modern system. The Chaldean system goes thousands of years back and its antiquity can be proved by the cuneiform tablets that date back to thousands of years before Pythagoras’ birth.

Whereas Modern numerology is based more on the discoveries and theories of Pythagoras. The main difference between both the schools is that Pythagorean system considers the alphabets in a strict linear sequence, whereas the Chaldean method considered that numbers represent vibrations. Also, the modern system focuses more on the birth date of an individual, whereas, the Chaldean system placed more focus on the importance on the name of the individual.

There are other schools of numerology as well. These schools date back to the time of ancient Taoist cosmologies and are more inclined towards the theories related to the five elements and Yin and Yan.

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How does Numerology Work?

Numbers from 1 to 9 are assigned to each letter in the alphabets in this ancient discipline. The numbers assigned are as follows.

  • A, J and S are 1
  • B, K, and T are 2
  • C, L, and U are 3
  • D, M, and V are 4
  • E, N, and W are 5
  • F, O, and X are 6
  • G, P, and Y are 7
  • H, Q, and Z are 8
  • I and R are 9

First, you add all the numbers assigned for the letters in a name. The separate digits are added together if the name results in a double digit.

The final outcome that is achieved is then linked to specific personality traits and qualities of the individual.

In numerology, the numbers 11 and 22 are known as ‘master numbers’ and both these numbers have their own unique and intrinsic qualities, Hence, if the result of the combined letters of a name is either of these two numbers then the digits are not added together.

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Important Numbers in Numerology:

Below mentioned are the 3 most important numbers in numerology.

  • The destiny number:

The destiny number is also known as the ‘name number’ and is calculated using all the alphabets in your surname and first name. This destiny number tells about your personal strengths and goals and how you can achieve them, describes your character. It also tells about the difficulties you might face when you are on your path of achieving your goals.

  • The personality number:

The personality number uses the constants in your first name to reveal your nature and the general opinion of other people about you.

  • The soul number:

The soul number is also known as the number of the soul’s yearning or heart’s desire. It uses the vowels in your first name and surname to reveal information regarding your inner strength and its guiding force. The soul number is mostly used when people are deciding the names of their babies as it tells the traits linked to the name.

According to Jean Simpson, a Numerology expert, all the three numbers are like a gift box. The soul number is the gift within, the personality number is the wrapping and the destiny number is the whole package.  Also Read one of my favorite article about Leo Men here

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