Top 5 Sites to Get Paid Playing Games

Did you know that you can earn money by playing games too? Well, if playing games is your favorite thing, then you’re lucky to get paid for your hobby instead of spending money on it. Online games are very popular as they allow the players to interact with each other and fight to get to the top of the list. If you have good experience of playing online games, then you must give yourself a chance to play and get paid too. To get paid by playing games, you won’t need to buy any Xbox or Play Station, in fact you can do so with your own computer or laptop, an internet connection and some gaming experience.

Best Gaming Sites for getting paid:

To get paid playing games, you must know that there is no such thing as get-rich-quick, and you’ll have to work hard here too. Only the good thing is that you love playing games and that can make it easier for you to earn money. There are a plethora of websites that claim that they pay you for playing games. However, before you start playing, you must know which ones are legitimate so that you don’t end up in wasting your time. Following are the top 5 sites to get paid playing games:

1. Inbox Dollars:

Inbox Dollars is one of the best platforms for earning money online. It not only offers you to get paid playing games, but there are lots of other activities that will help you earn money. You can do a bunch of other activities such as read emails, performing web searches, watching videos, shopping online, and take surveys to get paid. The website was founded in 2000 and during these 18 years it has paid more than $50 million to its users. This makes it a trustworthy and reliable one as it doesn’t scams its users.

For gaming you’ll just need to sign up for an account for free and then you’ll be able to play games. Once you’ve registered, an amount of $5 will be added to your account. To earn more cash, you’ll have to complete a particular game and then a score will be generated in your account. You won’t get paid if you ended the game before it had to be completed. After your score has been generated, you can apply for credit which will be converted into money. You’ll be paid through PayPal.

Inbox Dollars is a reputable website and there are thousands of active users who make lots of money on a monthly basis from this platform. The games on this site are powered by GSN and it offers an easy and fun way to earn money. If you spend money to play games by GSN on token packs, Inbox Dollars will reward you with 18% cash back. The good thing is that, Inbox Dollars is associated with some of the biggest brands on the market that have a good record of paying their users without any delay.


  • The community is super large as it has more than 10 million members and a good social media following too.
  • There are no hidden charges when you cash out and you can choose either the traditional cheque method or ePayment.
  • Every single activity is rewarded with cash which goes into your balance and can be withdrawn later.
  • It is a popular website and its cash rewards club is BBB accredited with A+ rating.
  • The website is easy to use and has simple navigation options and categories.
  • You can earn according to your convenience, whenever you want to, and there is no time limit or any other restrictions.


  • There are no partial payments and if you cash out you have to do in full. Also, you must have at least $30 in your account to check out.
  • You will be charged $3 processing fee if you want to cash out with the minimum required balance.
  • They don’t offer direct deposits.
  • Merchant eCards and prepaid visa cash cards are available for US residents only.

2. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is another popular gaming website that is legit and popular too. The website has paid millions of dollars to its users and is very reputable and well-known. This website also allows the players to play games for free, just like Inbox Dollars. When users play games on this site, they are rewarded with credits which can then be converted into cash. You can also convert your credits into gift cards to places such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more.

Along with playing games, you can also take part in a variety of money making activities such as answering surveys and watching videos. The Swagbucks credits (SB) are given to you each time you do an activity such as play game. The SB you’ve earned can be cashed out using PayPal or you can use the credits as gift card at your favorite online retailer’s store too. Swagbucks also offers featured promotions for some games for that you can earn some extra SBs. If you want better earnings, you can start with those games.

Some games require purchase too, but you get cash back for all the purchases you make in the games. You should have a PayPal deposit of $25 and after you earn 2500 points you can redeem your SBs. Also, you must be residing in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, or Ireland to use this site and you must be older than 13 years too.


  • It is free to join.
  • You can earn points even for searching the web.
  • There are gift cards for some of the top retailers out there.
  • There is an SB referral program which allows you to earn 10% of what your referrals earn.
  • You get paid to your PayPal account.
  • You can also perform other activities such as watch video clips to earn.


  • Earning SBs is somewhat a slow process.
  • Other activities such as surveys and online shopping are very time consuming.

3. Quick Rewards:

Quick Rewards was established in 2002 and is one of the oldest Get Paid to Site (GPT). The website is still operating very successfully and is in competition with the top ones like Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks. Apart from playing, at this site too you can do many other tasks that help you earn. You can do online shopping, take surveys, and visit websites to earn money. However, it should be noted that almost all the offers at this site are from a third party.

The website is open only for the people residing in the US, the UK, and Canada. As compared to other websites, this one gives best rewards to the players. You have to sign up at the website for free and then play games to improve your score. Also, you must be at least 18 years old to be able to register yourself on the website. There are many cash earning games such as the guessing games and trivia games and they are very interesting.

The website offers quick payout and it offers easy earning opportunities to the users. There are QuickPoints which are earned by playing games and that can be redeemed as gift cards or cash out through PayPal. To sign up you just have to fill up the form and choose at least one program so that you can get customized emails from them.


  • There are quick PayPal payments and electronic gift cards payments.
  • There are many different ways to earn points.
  • It is free and easy to use.
  • You can redeem the rewards anytime.
  • There is no minimum amount required for cash out.


  • You can’t exchange the Quick points for cash.
  • The website is not very user friendly.
  • There is no automation.

4. Bingo! Zone:

If you love playing Bingo then you have a chance to earn some money by signing up on the Bingo! Zone GPT site. The website offers a variety of Bingo games on a daily basis and you start with $1 but the money keeps on increasing until you win. However, you must know that Bingo is the only game offered here but you have a good chance to double the points and join the cash tournaments.

The website has a cool logo and it stands out from the crowd because of its amazing features. They have stunning bonus offers, and free bingo too. Also, you’ll be welcomed with a no-deposit offer and you can use the website 24/7. You don’t have to wait to join in a game because there are continuous Bingo rounds going on. There are many other gaming sites that offer bingo but there are only a few who allow their players to play and win for free.

Bingo comes from the makers of Gamesville and thus it is very reliable and reputable. The website also offers the world’s longest running Bingo Game. If you’re already a pro, you must know that to win you have to match the current pattern on any of the four cards you have. After you’ve made a choice, you have to click Bingo and then try to win the GV Reward Jackpot.


  • Quick cash out is available.
  • Good place for bingo lovers.
  • You can start playing games even if you have $1 only.
  • There is a huge variety of bingo games.
  • There are continuous Bingo rounds going on and thus you don’t have to wait.


  • It offers only Bingo as a get to paid game. has a good collection of Get Paid To play games. You can also become a video game tester and get rewards for sharing them. The more surveys you take and the more games you test, more opportunities you’ll get redeem the cash. You can redeem your first reward within 24 hours whenever you want to. The website offers games from many other big companies that pay you to play their games no matter which country you live in.

The setup is an easy process and you just have to create an account, then choose a job and then start playing to get paid. The good thing is that the gaming site offers users from more than 150 countries and thus you don’t have to think of your location before you play games on this site. PayPal will let you register to this community and then you’ll be able to play and test games to earn money. Also, you get free versions of apps and games and you’ll be paid for testing them.

Not only this, you’ll be invited to game conferences, exhibits, launches, and conventions. There are a plethora of new and upcoming games on the site that allow you to play and earn money. The website is operational from 2008 and till now thousands of players have earned through the platform. If you don’t want to play games, you can go for the games testing thing that requires investigating and troubleshooting skills. You just need to have keen observation skills and patience to be a game tester.


  • It allows people from all over the world to use the site.
  • There is a wide variety of games offered.
  • The setup process is very easy.
  • You can do game testing to earn money too.
  • You can get benefits such as Amazon gift cards, products, Starbucks gift cards, and more.


  • It is not as reputable as other sites listed above.

Bottom Line:

Playing games is fun and the fun doubles when you know that you’ll be paid for winning. So, playing these games will not only entertain you but also allow you to earn some money. All these GPT sites require signing up and creating an account and then you can gain the particular credits of the platform. Those credits can be redeemed as cash using PayPal or can be used as gift cards. There are many websites that allow you getting paid playing games, but here we have listed only the most trusted and reliable ones.

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  1. A bit misleading here.Inbox dollars requires you to pay in order to play games for cash. The same concept applies to Next time make sure you mention these important facts.

    Correct me if I’m wrong or if you have found some interesting alternatives,thanks. Swagbucks is a good choice,though.

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