Thought Elevator System-My Honest Detailed Review

Thought Elevator System-My Honest Detailed Review

If you ask me, keeping your mind clear, focused and alert is something that should be done at all times of the day, may it be during the morning or while you’re asleep at night.

But in today’s fast-paced life of constant struggle and mental stress, lucid dreaming during your sleep can be very hard to come by.

Take me for example, my inability to manage my time correctly lead me to ruin a lot of my relationships. This, as a result, got me even more stressed, and I was hardly able to get more than 15 minutes of deep sleep at night.

I woke up more tired every day, my mind would feel hazy, and my professional life evidently suffered because of this.

So, when I started using Thought Elevator, its positive results couldn’t have made me happier.

But before you think of this product as something right out of Dexter Laboratory’s ‘omelette du Fromage’ episode and dismiss it as a Thought Elevator scam, I would like to share my experiences with it.

What is Thought Elevator?
  • Price
  • Effectiveness
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  • User Friendly


thought elevators scam or legitWhen I first heard of this product, I was quite skeptical about it. As it primarily dealt with feeding subliminal messages to the subconscious mind and making it have a more positive attitude to life in general.

It sounded too good to be true, but I still gave it a try nonetheless. Hence, I started listening to them whenever I got the chance, at night, at the gym or even when I was going for a walk in the park.

And in just a few days, I noticed a significant shift in my attitude towards life in general. I even started sleeping better, and I woke up in the mornings feeling refreshed and full of energy.

I soon realized that these messages instead of affecting the conscious mind, seeps into the deeper subconscious. Even though when I am watching the video or listening to the audio mp3, my conscious brain may forget the words, but my subconscious mind won’t.



  • Improves mental health and sleep by reorienting the subconscious mind.
  • Ideal for people who have a very busy schedule.
  • The videos and audio can be heard anytime, even during sleep.
  • Amazing bonus PDFs with the pack.


  • Video length may not be long enough for some.
  • Results may not be immediate or all that apparent as one would hope.

How Does Thought Elevator Work?

The Thought Elevator system works by getting you into the habit of listening to audio and watching videos every day.

This made the subliminal messages seep into my mind, and over time it started to attach themselves onto not just my thoughts but my actions as well. Constantly subjecting my subconscious mind to positive thoughts and ideas made me ‘start believing the affirmations and see REAL change in life.’

Here are some of the subjects the videos in the products deal with:

  • Accelerated learning
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Business Success
  • Energy
  • Ideal Partner
  • Ideal Weight
  • Perfect Health and Healing
  • Relationships
  • Wealth and Money

What are some of the Steps in the Program?

The subliminal messages that are hidden in the audio will take you through four primary steps of mental advancement, which are integral parts of the Thought Elevator program.

Step 1: Clearing The Mind.

Having negative thoughts are part and parcel of life, especially life in the modern, fast-paced times. With the ever-growing amount of stress and professional pressure, one might find himself /herself falling into destructive thought patterns which continuously tell them that they cannot make it in life.

As a result, they are not able to achieve much. So, the very first step in thought elevator is to do away with such negative thoughts that block one’s creative energy.

The subliminal messages help in tricking the mind to forget all those aspects of life that cloud one’s thoughts and judgments with doubt and hesitation.

Confrontation and bad things happening to you on a daily basis is something that is unavoidable. Thought elevator will teach you to look past and focus more on the positive aspects of life, as anything and everything is achievable with the proper dedication and attitude.

Step 2: Filling You Up with Positive Energy.

And now that your negative thoughts are gone and you’re a clean slate, the program then moves onto slowly integrating your mind with positive thoughts. ‘Priming the Positive Pump,’ is what they call it and it’s the step that will help you realize your goals and aspirations in life.

This is the point where you start calling out to what to want. And as the course believes in the ‘law of universal attraction,’ it states that the Universe will now have no choice but to provide you with what you want as you don’t have a single shred of negativity inside you anymore.

Step 3: Daytime Dreaming Visualization Techniques.

This part of the program primarily deals with helping you visualize everything that you want out of life. This is what helps with the manifestation part of your dreams. Only when you’re able to visualize your desires clearly will the universe assist you in manifesting it in reality.

The subliminal messages start to teach you on how to turn your daydreams into powerful visualizations, which would then slowly begin to manifest after a particular amount of time.

This step will most definitely help you achieve all your goals more easily and prepare you not just for the final phase of the program but also for anything that life can throw at you.

Step 4: Achieving the State of Theta.

The Theta state of mind is where you’re able to access the deeper levels of your subconscious and manifest all the desires of your heart. This final step is the state of meditation which helps familiarize one with their inner being and truest self.

Reaching the state of Theta is how you come to terms with and realize what you actually want from life. It is the final stage that preps you for the life ahead and how to live it with the utmost in positivity and creativity.

What Comes With the Thought Elevator package?

When I bought the product, the main things that came with the pack were:

  1. A Quick Start PDF.

The quick start PDF is the introductory lesson to the course. It’s a guide that explained to me the science behind the Thought Elevator system and how it works. It even taught me about how best to use the product so that I am able to make the most out of life and my investment.

This PDF is also like a manual that is really helpful in saving time, and it’s closely followed by another eBook called ‘Achieve your goals masterclass’ which deals with the course in-depth.

  1. The Videos.

The Thought Elevator videos are the main product, and they consisted of the majority bulk of what I got with this pack.

There are several videos that came with the pack, and they contained the subliminal messages that seeped into the mind and helped reorient my cognitive thinking.

For convenience, the videos are categorized into both sections and subsections, where each dealt with a different aspect of the cognition and lucid dreaming. Hence, it’s up to you to either watch them in order or jump to a particular section.thought elevators scam or legit

The Bonuses I got with the pack.

Apart from the starter PDF and the videos, the program also comes with some fantastic Ebook bonuses:

  1. How to Plant a Money Tree.

This Ebook explained to me how I could start to make ‘passive income,’ which is money I can earn without putting much work or effort towards it.

  1. Recognizing your Soulmate.

The title itself is self-explanatory really, but it’s also my favorite Ebook out of the pack. It talked to me about the best ways to find my soulmate or improve my existing relationships. The book is really very concise, and the guidance is quite practical and easy to follow.

  1. I Love Myself Workbook.

This one is more of a self-development exercise book that gave me small daily tasks to accomplish and improve my mental health as a result.

  1. Manifesting Health for Boomers.

Just like the previous was for mental health, this PDF concerns itself more with the physical aspects of well being. It gave me a lot of information about how to make my body fit and healthy with the right kind of diet and exercise.

  1. Hand over Fist Money Making Ideas.

This Ebook was all about implementing fun money making techniques that are in trend right now. It helped me secure extra earnings from the side.

What about Thought Elevator fails to attract some customers?

The primary complaint that a lot of people have about this product is that even though concise, each video and audio file is just 3 minutes long. For people who have a very hectic schedule this is surely ideal, but for those who want a much more in-depth experience and better lucid dreaming, the videos sizes may just be disappointing.

Final Thoughts.

Ever since I started using Thought Elevator, my serotonin levels have gone up, and I have been getting a lot more rest of late. It’s an amazing product which I am sure will help you as much as it helped me.

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