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Text Your Ex Back Review-Is It Worth It?

Let me get my telemarketer voice ready. Ahem.

Hey, are you lonely and want to get back together with your ex? Then look no further. Here is a coaching program just for that! Don’t believe me? Here are some satisfied customers who have crippling insecurities.

Still, don’t believe me? Read this review.

Text Your Ex Back: A Brief Review
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text your ex back scamOkay, enough jokes. So, is Text Your Ex Back a scam? From the title to the marketing and the underlying theme of it – everything might point towards that.

But beneath all this, the entire program provides some interesting understandings and helps one realize their faults and make them regain their self-confidence after a breakup.

Yes, it, of course, has extremely situational examples to prove its philosophy but what I am trying to say is that those philosophies are not baseless. Hence, it’s not a scam. And the end goal is not malicious either.



  • It’s elaborate and covers almost all the cases.
  • It has healthy sales practices and the refund actually works (I tried it.)
  • It seems vague but it actually works.


  • The whole structure is cumbersome to me.

Text Your Ex Back Review The Details

In the Text Your Ex Back program, you’ll find 11 modules in text, audio, and videos.

Michael Fiore, the creator, is a relationship coach and is most widely renowned for this piece of work. He has also written several other books like Text Your Wife into Bed and Text Her Into Bed.

Don’t get affected by the names of the books. I guess his marketing approach isn’t the best

The Modules

text your ex back scam check
This is what it will look in member’s area

Module 1: Introduction

Nothing that you already don’t know.

Module 2: The Dumper and The Dumped

This module is to help you get to the bottom of the reason for your break up. Even if you are the one who dumped, the reason for break up may not be clear. This is to aid you to understand the core reason and fix it.

I love how this module covers a lot of perspectives thoroughly. It differentiates between male and female psychology. It covers all about the meanings of the old cliche phrases that are thrown around during breakups.

It even talks about the way you can get back with this understanding no matter who you are. The guy or the girl, the dumper or the dumped.

Module 3: The Big Goal

This module is all about getting to the real reason of why you want to get back with your ex.

The reason is never that you love them so much that you can’t live without them. No, Mike wants you to understand that it’s because they fulfilled some sort of emotional and physical need in you.

This is all about being honest with yourself even if it sounds shallow.

Without knowing the real reason you can never get back with your ex.

Module 4: Flight Check

This is the final check before you land into the mission – texting your ex back. It’s about checking your mental stability, check if your vision and goals are clear, and that you’ll not crack.

Even though the program specifies all that you need to text and how to handle various situations, this section acts as a safety check to make sure if you can actually handle the pressure and not do something stupid instead.

Module 5: Text Judo

This is where the meat of the buffet begins.

This is where you learn how to send efficient and minimum effort texts that get the message across in an effective manner.

The texts are separated in categories such as the introductory ones, ones to increase intimacy, ones to create emotional honesty, ones to reignite the chemistry and then the ones for the final goal – getting back together.

Module 6: Across the Bow

Now, the mission dawns upon the reader. Here is where you make the first contact.

The goal is to be subtle and not seem desperate. To be friendly but also hint to some of the beautiful time spent together in the past.

Mike makes this difficult task break down into simpler objectives. It’s in the format of a step-by-step procedure to follow along. It acknowledges the diversity of people and gives you different options depending upon the type of person you are dealing with.

It’s strategized, straightforward and clever.

Module 7: Prepping the Soil

The title is self-explanatory at this point. Here you get to know about how to make the conversation more intimate, interesting and emotionally intense.

In my opinion, the tricks are very smart and sneaky but I’ll not call it cruel or manipulative.

Module 8: The Green-Eyed Monster

You are working with a bomb now. This is intense. Your task is to bring back the sexual tension and attraction in a healthy way.

You have to rekindle the fire. And Mike chose a method that seems destructive at first sight – jealousy. But his method is very sound.

He mentions ways and tricks to make jealousy a positive tool that can make your ex long for you.

In my opinion, it’s smart but this should definitely be interesting to read if you are into it already.

Module 9: Planting the Seed

Not going to waste your time. It’s about furthering the plan, nothing else.

Module 10: Reaping the Harvest

Here you learn how to realize the progress of the text. By this point, you are already too close to the person and it’s time for you to meet in person.

I will not mention in detail what this module has to offer because it’s the one part the book is genuinely unique at.

It actually has legit ways to make it happen, instead of just giving advice that never goes anywhere.

Module 11: Texting Steady

This is the finale. How to meet the good end of the story and be a great boyfriend or girlfriend from now on.txb scam or not

Weighing it out!

The thing that I love about this program is how extensive and detailed it is. It doesn’t believe in stereotypes and acknowledges that every case is different.

It’s like a manual that is not meant to exemplify your case in particular but acts as a guide when you are in dilemma. And that’s why it actually works.

However, the entire method of the delivery of content is too tedious for me. This program should just be one book – not 11 modules.

The whole marketing strategy is tacky and actually hides the quality of the content behind it.

Final Words

With that, I hope this review was helpful in making you a purchase decision – even though the content is meant for a very specific audience.

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Hey, I am Nicholas, a full-time blogger. I mostly review products which I have personally used or been used by my family member. If you have any suggestions do visit contact us page.

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