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Steve-O Net Worth, Biography And More

Steve-O is a British-American stuntman, comedian, and TV personality. Steve-O‘s net worth is $4 million. He is a well-known figure in the entertainment world, best known for his antics in the Jackass films. Steve-O has achieved success in music and stand-up comedy in addition to the film industry. He’s also made appearances in a number of video games. Steve-O is renowned for pulling off outrageous, revolting, and occasionally immoral stunts and pranks.

Steve-O Age: 48 years

Steve-O Height: is $4 million

Steve-O Net Worth: 1.77 m

Steve-O Spouse: Brittany Mcgraw (m. 2006–2008)

Steve-O Full Name: Stephen Gilchrist Glover

Steve-O Early Life

Although Steve-O is American, he was born in London, England. Stephen Gilchrist Clover was given that name by his parents when he was born on June 13th, 1974. His father had English and American ancestry, while his mother was Canadian. While his father was working for Pepsi-Cola, the couple was residing in England. Steve-family O’s relocated to Brazil when he was six months old because his father had been appointed president of Pepsi-Cola in South America.

The young Stephen Clover was exposed to different cultures and languages as a result of growing up in Brazil; he has claimed that his very first words were in Portuguese. When Stephen was a child, his family moved around a lot, and by the time he was two, he had settled in Venezuela. Later, the boy developed fluency in Spanish. When he relocated to Miami at the age of six, he began his first period of time in the country. When he was nine, the family moved back to England, so he would only stay there for three years. After spending three years back in his hometown, he spent a year in Ontario, Canada, before making one final move back to London. This time, he had the opportunity to establish himself and spend four years in an English high school.

Steve-O pursued his education at the University of Miami after high school. He chose to attend clown school instead of finishing his degree after dropping out due to poor grades. After three years, Steve-O became a paid clown and began filming action sequences.

Steve-O Breakthrough

Steve-O would frequently send videos of his tricks to the skateboarding publication Big Brother. Unbeknownst to Steve-O, Jeff Tremaine, who would eventually direct Jackass, was the recipient of these tapes. Tremaine added Steve-O to the Jackass crew after recognising his potential. The first three seasons of the original MTV programme began airing in the year 2000. The programme was a huge hit, and Steve-O quickly won over the audience.

The activities of other well-known Jackass figures are linked to the beginnings of Jackass. For instance, with the release of CKY in 1999, professional skateboarder Bam Margera started filming his family, pulling practical jokes, and performing stunts (Camp Kill Yourself). Since Johnny Knoxville was testing self-defense tools and weapons on himself at the time, he was another early innovator of the Jackass genre.

Because Jackass was so popular, several spin-offs and sequels appeared almost right away. Jackass: The Movie, a quick adaptation of the television series. On a $5 million budget, the movie made almost $80 million worldwide after Steve-O joined the cast. On a $11.5 million budget, the follow-up film Jackass Number Two made close to $85 million in revenue. On a $20 million budget, the third and final Jackass film, Jackass 3D, brought in close to $172 million worldwide. There were also released additional Jackass movie spinoffs, including Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, Jackass 2.5, and Jackass 3.5.

Steve-O started considering a solo career in 2001. Don’t Try This At Home, his debut solo DVD, was released in this year. In the Wildboyz episode of the Jackass spinoff, he was paired with Chris Pontius. In this new show, Steve-O and Pontius travelled the globe, engaged with various wild animals, and learned about various cultures. The programme was a resounding success.

Additionally, Steve-O participated in the show Dr. Steve-O, which paired Steve-O with different guests. The purpose of the show was to toughen up the audience members and reduce their fear of trying new things. He also made an effort to make his guests feel hip.

Steve-O Mental Health Struggles

Due to his suicidal tendencies, Steve-O was detained at a hospital for 14 days in 2008. He entered a guilty plea to felony cocaine possession that same year. By taking part in a rehabilitation programme, he avoided going to jail. He had been sober for more than three months when he relapsed and entered a mental hospital. Later, Steve-O acknowledged that his drug use had seriously harmed his mental health.

Steve-O Stand-Up Career

In 2010, Steve-O transitioned to stand-up comedy. After his American tour, he revealed plans for another one the following year. After that tour, he performed on stages in significant Australian cities. He released his debut comedy special in 2016.

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