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Relationship Rewrite Method | Check My Review Before Buying

Relationship Rewrite Method is a fantastic piece of work by James Bauer for anyone who wants a healthy relationship.

Again, like in any of other works of James, I am not the target audience. But I had the liberty to read it and I found it pretty insightful, to say the least.

It is a well-informed book that talks about some healthy ways to mend and learn in a relationship.

So, if you are stuck in your relationship and the problems don’t seem to fade away, then Relation Rewrite Method can help you.

Check out this review to find out more!

Relationship Rewrite Method: A Short Review
  • Price
  • Effectiveness
  • Writer Experience

Short Overview

relationship rewrite method reviewNow, a lot of people might call Relationship Rewrite Method a scam, but, I do not believe that is the case.

The book talks about many aspects of relationships and how to make things work very vividly.

I have read James Bauer’s work before, for example, His Secret Obsession. So, I was not shocked by the level of detail and practicality.

James Bauer’s work is excellent at sniffing out the problems of the relationship and it’s quite accurate at it as well.  Then there are methods, tips and tricks to repair those problems.

Now, I’ll just give a short overview and my opinion about them.



  • Well-informed, well-written and based on actual science.
  • Straightforward and easy techniques to carry out.
  • Justifiably priced and a comforting read overall.


  • Again, the marketing department has to stop.

Keeping your significant other devoted

James Bauer gives some unique methods to make your man not just be loyal to you but be devoted to you as well.

Now, it’s not some sort of manipulation. I believe that any relationship gains a significant boost by mutual appreciation and affection. In fact, those are the things that make a relationship sail smoothly.

Using these tips, the love of your life will be more in love with you. And in a way, even be addicted to you.

What makes it work

Relationships are complex things to understand. Most people don’t have the slightest idea of what is going on in their relationships – and they are not entirely to be blamed for this.

But James comes up with what actually makes a relationship work. The act of appreciation is one of his key points of interests. To be honest, this section alone is enough to make the book worthwhile.


In this book, a very interesting ratio surfaces in the texts – the relationship ratio. According to the author, it’s the positive to negative experience ratio that can guess how the relationship will go.

Most of the books assess relationships qualitatively. But with this, James brings a different spice to the mix. The quantitative analysis of relationships is a fresh experience to me and this relationship ratio is widely discussed through the entirety of the book.

Working out his emotions

With a bit of a manipulative undertone, this section brings you methods to change the emotions of your significant other. But, if this is what you paid your dollars for, go for it; because this section is extremely well-written and many reviews vouch for the effectiveness of this.

Of course, as a straight man, I can’t tell you if it worked for me. But what I can say is that I think the method brought up by James is extremely scientific.

It’s about stimulating the person’s dopamine production to associate more happy emotions with you. Not only is this scientific in analysis but the methods mentioned by James are stupefyingly simple and straightforward.

Changing the past

Many experiences in a relationship are not pleasant. But most people stick through it and find a better life together.

But even if all get good and well, the past can be a haunting ghost. The author talks extensively about how you can change the face of your past so it doesn’t ruin the taste of the present.

How to push his buttons

James, don’t let our secrets out!

This section is so cheeky by design but I can’t deny how well written and effective it can be.

The specificity of the target emotion is so brilliant that I had to pause for a while. He talks about positive feedback loops and techniques that will make him feel zesty about the relationship to the point it’ll be borderline addictive.


Even from my experience, I can say that compliments work wonders!

As a man, I don’t neglect to say the good ol’ “You’re looking pretty today”.

But James in this book talks about how to compliment more genuinely with compliments that are more personal and honest.

I know how good a compliment makes me feel. So, I can’t nod any harder to James’ claims. To be fair, complimenting isn’t a tough game to crack. But for maximum effectiveness, this can help.

Weighing it out!

Honestly, James Bauer has done a splendid job with the content. It’s concise, comprehensive and practical.

From the start to the chequered flag, I had no issue in keeping my interest and I am not even the target demographic. I like how this entire book is so well-informed in psychology and biology and chooses to take a quantitative approach to the whole dynamics.

The techniques are really easy and clear to execute and reviews online vouch for the effectiveness of it. So it’s a cheap read with amazing content. What’s the harm in that?

However, I can’t stress enough how I hate the marketing of it. It’s put out as one of those “Books-that-feeds-on-insecurities” by its own marketing team. I don’t know if James himself is doing it or he has a team for it, but it sure makes the book look shady at first sight.

This is one major gripe for me only because I really liked the content even after not being the one who is meant to read it.

Final Words

So, that’ll be it, ladies and gentlemen.

Relationship Rewrite Method is an amazing book that has many helpful techniques to make any relationship work smoothly.

With that, I hope this review helped you in some way and I wish you well. Read some of my posts which you might find interesting below:


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