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Quick Proven Tips to Get Your Ex Back

It’s only human to make mistakes. The important thing is learning from them and getting back up. The first step of recovering from your mistakes, especially in relationships, is to accept the fact that you have made a mistake. Mistakes that have cost you your relationship could be hard to make up for. But if you’re able to answer these questions and follow these tips, you could end up winning your ex’s heart back:

Do They Still Care About You?

First thing that you should do if you want to get back together with your ex is to somehow find out whether they still care about you or not. Chances are that your ex still holds a soft spot for you in their heart, especially if they aren’t dating anyone else. It’ll be much easier to get them back if they still think about you.

However, if you find out that your ex has moved on, the best thing you can do is to let them go. You probably won’t want to waste your time in the useless attempts of getting them back when you can instead search for someone better. There are a number of ways to find out if they still care about you, for example, through mutual friends.

Are They Worth it?

All your effort in trying to get your ex back might go to waste if you realize it wasn’t worth it the day you get them back. Ask yourself, “Do I really want my ex back?” If yes, continue with your efforts. Otherwise, if you have any future doubts, it’s time to accept it and move on. The steps you’ve already taken have benefited you in the end. You are a stronger and better version of yourself.

Give Yourself and Your Ex Some Space

One of the most important steps that you need to follow once you have made sure that your ex still has feelings for you is to do nothing!

Giving yourself and your ex room to breath is very crucial. Take time to focus on improving yourself. Reflect on everything that went wrong in the relationship. You might think that giving them space will also increase their chances of moving on during this time or find someone else, but this is a risk that you must take.

Cut off communication with them and don’t try to force things. Give your ex some time to think. This will increase their curiosity about what you’re up to and whether you miss them or not.

Do not Come off as Desperate

Once you have made sure that your ex still wants you and you have given each other some space to figure things out, chances are that your ex might reach out to you by themselves, and if they do, make sure that you do not let your emotions get ahead of you and let them back into your life without them even trying. Tell them that you will do anything to make them stay.

Begging for someone to stay can look very uneasy and there’s a high possibility that they might lose respect for you or start taking you for granted. Know your value and keep your dignity.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Show your ex your strong side and that you have clear boundaries and you can maintain the relationship by reading some outstanding e-books out there and Relationship Rewrite Method is one of them which i have used and got benefited from it if you are the one struggling to maintain a ever-friendly relationship then you must buy it and before that you must check the Relationship Rewrite Method reviews. This will be very appealing to your ex and you both might end up spending more time together. Showing more affection than necessary through long phone calls, text messages and other clingy gestures will only make you look desperate. Don’t do this and let your ex make the first move. This will also raise the curiosity of your ex and increase their willingness to get back to you.

Focus on Yourself

So, now that you have given your ex some time to think and you both start talking to each other a little, you are already stronger than before and are making changes for the better. The best thing you can do during this time is to start focusing on yourself more. As things start getting back on track, you can actually pay proper attention to yourself without having your mind on getting your ex’s attention all the time.

Simple Ways to regain your Focus

Focus on the important aspects of your life such as your attitude, career, appearance and mentality. This will help you in the long run as well. Try to improve the negative aspects of your personality. If you want to do something new with your appearance, try getting a haircut, hitting the gym or adopting a new style altogether. However, make sure that you are changing for yourself, not your ex. This will impress your ex as well; there is nothing more attractive than being with a person who is in control of their life.

Start Seeing New People

Whether or not your plan of texting your ex back is working, spend some quality time with your friends. See other people that might interest you. You don’t have to date them, but there’s nothing bad in getting to know someone. Spend time with them and let your ex see.

This might also spark some jealousy in your ex and they might try to get your attention back towards them. If used wisely, jealousy can be a powerful thing; use it to your advantage.

Talk to Them

This step has to be taken after all the above-mentioned steps. After you are comfortable on your own, you’re living your own life, you are happy and have started making changes in your life for the better, it’s now time to talk to your ex. Let your ex know what you are really feeling and how much they mean to you.

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Either they will let you know that they still love you and want to get back together or they might say they’re over you and it’s not going to happen. If they are willing to get together, congratulations, you have won your ex back. But if they don’t, still congratulations, you are now much stronger and a better version of yourself. Accept the situation and accept the fact that destiny has something better in store for you.

Thank you for reading the post hope you learnt the tips and use it to get your beloved ones back.


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