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MC Stan Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Career And More

One of the most recent hip-hop and rap musicians to come out of Pune, Maharashtra, India is Altaf Tadavi or Altaf Shaikh. He goes by the name MC Stan when performing. He was one of the most contentious rappers in both the Desi hip-hop industry and the Indian rap music scene when he was born on August 30, 1999. In 2018, he dropped his first song, “Wata,” and ever since then, he’s been on a cutting-edge quest to keep creating hits. “Shana Bann,” his most recent track, is dominating the Indian rap music charts. He is the author of several songs.

MC Stan Age: 23 years

MC Stan Albums: Insaan, Tadipaar

MC Stan Net Worth: $10 Million

MC Stan Real Name: Altaf Shaikh

MC Stan Height:5′ 5″ 

MC Stan Family and Education 

MC Stan was born on August 30, 1999. MC Stan will be 23 years old in 2022. MC Stan’s star sign is Virgo. MC Stan resides in the Indian state of Maharashtra. MC Stan was born and raised in the Tadiwala Road area of Pune. MC Stan’s family is unknown, but it is clear from his lyrics that he adores his mother and is appreciative to them for supporting him through good and terrible times. An independent Indian rapper and emcee by the name of Mc Stan. MC Stan is one of the most divisive artists in the Desi hip-hop scene and the Indian rap music scene.

Rapper MC Stan, a native of Pune, started out while still in school. MC Stan started his music career before completing his education. His YouTube channel has 2.81 Million subscribers. A pioneer and consequence of Pune hip-hop is MC Stan, also known as Altaf Shaikh. Despite coming from a poor home, he worked very hard and was dedicated to becoming a successful rapper. Stan has built a remarkable life for himself and the community to which he belongs despite coming from a common background.

MC Stan Relationship

MC Stan and Niya

Niya, who is MC Stan’s girlfriend, has appeared in a few of his earlier music videos. MC Stan’s girlfriend was Niya. Their connection hasn’t been the subject of any discussion. Niya is Mc Stan’s girlfriend. She was also included in the song “Khuja Mat” by Mc Stan. Niya, a rapper from Pune, presently resides in Mumbai. However, it is certain that nobody is aware of the rapper’s current romantic arrangement. Niya Surve, better known by her stage name “NIYA LOVE,” is an Indian rapper, musician, music composer, and businesswoman.

Niya Love was born into a Hindu household in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She used to rap in Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi, and English. Niya only began rapping to effect change. Niya is the creator and owner of the record label HIGHGANGRECORDS as well as the production company HIGHGANG. The first female rapper in Marathi is Niya, better known by her stage name Niya Love. All of the female rappers in Desihiphop have very distinct rapping techniques. According to Niya, she is not a rapper. I compose hip-hop songs. I make hip-hop music. HighGangLifestyle is a clothing line that Niya founded and is the owner of.

MC Stan Career

Rapper MC Stan is renowned for taking over the Internet with his incredible lyrics. His music has a vast fan base. On his YouTube channel, you can see that he presently has more than 225 000 subscribers. Soon, you’ll see him acting in motion pictures. He is in a better position every day. He raps in Hindi and has a special brand of rap that is all his own. Indian rapper Mc Stan is also a poet, composer, music producer, and mix engineer (Hip-Hop Artist). Rapper Mc Stan stands out from the rest because he raps in Hindi and has an unusual musical style.

Mc Stan claims he is an emcee who commands the mic rather than a rapper. According to Emcee Stan, he began listening to rap music in the sixth grade. However, he wasn’t actually understanding English at the time. After enrolling in English classes, he began to understand English rap music. He began rapping in the eighth grade. After his song Wata became popular in 2018, Mc Stan released “Khuja Mat,” a diss track for Emiway Bantai. More than 35 million people have seen Mc Stan’s Khuja Mat on YouTube.

Some people began making fun of him after the releases of Wata and Khuja Mat, but after he released songs like Astagfirrullah, many people began to support and comprehend Mc Stan. Currently, Mc Stan has a sizable fan base in both Pakistan and India. MC Stan created history when he became the first independent musician from India to place his debut album on Spotify’s Global Album lists. The young person who previously struggled to meet his basic needs and survive received more Instagram likes than any Indian musician. With the release of the song Khuja Mat, which has garnered over 35 Million views on YouTube, MC Stan changed the course of his rap music career.

The rapper thinks that his followers’ perceptions of him have changed as a result of the song Aastaghfirullah. In his song “Proud,” Indian rapper Raftaar makes a reference to Mc Stan. On a podcast with Rohan Cariappa, rapper Raftaar declares that “Mc Stan Is the Hero Of Indian HipHop.” Ikka, an Indian rapper, and many other Indian rappers share the same opinion on Mc Stan’s music. In addition to his 1.9 million Instagram followers, Mc Stan has over 2.81 million YouTube subscribers.

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