LumaDream Review-Truth Exposed

Sleep is quintessential for a happy lifestyle.

A good night’s sleep can ensure that you have a sound mind and body to work through your waking hours.

But for several reasons or not, many adults find themselves lacking good quality sleep and ample rest. This makes them less productive and more stressful. And more stress causes even worse sleep, making a vicious cycle of exhaustion and poor health.

Different people have different pieces of advice to get back the sleep that can rejuvenate you. Some say sleeping pills can work, some say intensive exercise and some say a diet variation should do the trick.

But as many know, all these methods work to varying degrees. While exercise and diet take a long time to take effect on your sleep – but are necessary for good health anyway, sleeping pills have harmful chemicals which can even affect mental health.

There’s no middle ground of getting healthy and easy sleep for light sleepers like me. Well, maybe there is a way.

Today I am reviewing another method to get a good night’s sleep which is harmless and also is effective, in my opinion.

Let’s talk about LumaDream.

LumaDream Short Review

Before we proceed, let me address an important question – is LumaDream a scam? Well, LumaDream doesn’t make any wild claims and the things it offers seem to be quite plausible. But in this review of LumaDream, I’ll tell you my experience and findings and maybe you’ll find it quite legitimate.

So, what is it exactly? Well, first of all, it’s a pill. Now, you may be asking, “What’s so different about this pill from the others?” There are many sleeping pills, some of them even sold over the counter. So what’s so different about LumaDream?

Well, it claims to have no side effects on your health. I have put this claim through some rigorous research and testing, and I have some news for you.

What is LumaDream made of?

LumaDream has Valerian, Gamma-aminobutyric acid, Calcium, Skullcap Root and Melatonin.

None of these chemicals affect the central nervous system to induce sleep. Conventional sleeping pills work by affecting the nervous system and hence can have long-term side effects. But LumaDream instead goes for a more natural approach which has a more gradual effect.

As some may know that Valerian is a very famous sleep-inducing chemical, and chemicals like Gamma-aminobutyric acid and Skullcap root help reduce anxiety and nervousness. Calcium and Melatonin also work to aid sleep as these ingredients calm you down.

Unlike most sleeping pills, which have Benzodiazepines, LumaDream uses weaker chemicals which do not produce side effects. Benzodiazepines are strong chemicals that affect the nervous system to induce instant sleep. It is even lethal if taken in larger dosages. Hence most of the conventional sleeping pills are prescription drugs.

While on the other hand, LumaDream is a more gradual medication procedure that doesn’t produce long-term side effects. All the ingredients are natural and weaker than the competition.

My Experience of Using LumaDream

I happen to have sleeping issues as well. I’ll not call myself an insomniac but for the past couple of years, I have been plagued with light sleep.

That’s why I have been using prescribed sleeping pills for quite some time now. But it’s been making me feel worse during the day. It causes me to lag and dread my waking hours.

That’s why for this review, I decided to try LumaDream on myself. First thing I noticed was that it had no instantaneous effect on me. Although, I did have slightly better sleep that night. Well, it might as well have been a placebo.

But by the third consecutive day of use, I could feel that my sleep was getting deeper gradually. The effect feels more substantial and gradual than the regular sleeping pills. And in a way, more natural. I could sleep significantly better than before and I’d feel more rested and satisfied in the morning.

Conventional sleeping pills used to give me hangovers because it messed my nervous system, hence my body clock. But LumaDream gives a more pleasant waking up experience.

Some people might declare it a scam online just because it doesn’t knock you out to sleep with the first dosage. But I will recommend sticking to the advised dosage to get the results.Lumadream scam

Weighing it out!

LumaDream is a legit sleeping pill that beats the competition by a long shot. All the gripes that people have with conventional sleeping pills are engineered away in this super-pill. It doesn’t have side effects. It doesn’t knock out the nervous system and cause hangovers but has a more gradual effect on your body and sleep cycle.

However, one of the biggest gripes that reviewers show online is that it takes a significant amount of time to show results. Of course, I have no problem for that and I think LumaDream does a good job explaining that on their site. The ingredients are light and more natural than in other sleeping pills. I believe it’s overall better for my health.

Buyers’ Guide

The fact that LumaDream works to deliver on its promise without causing any harm makes it worth trying. If you still can’t make up your mind, here are a couple of points to consider that may help you decide.


Perhaps the most important thing to know here is that LumaDream doesn’t knock you off straight away. The ingredients, though effective, are not as potent as those in conventional pills. Hence, you need to give them more time than usual to show significant results. In that sense, it’s more of a gradual medication than a quick fix.

So, if you’re looking for instant results, then this might not be good enough for you.


These pills are available exclusively on the brand’s website. You can also opt for a subscription plan of 1 bottle per month for 1, 3, or 6 months. Although it may come across as a bit pricey, it offers optimal value for money.

Money-Back Policy

In case you’re not totally satisfied with the results within 90 days, LumaDream has a no questions asked money-back policy.


What Exactly Is LumaDream?

Simply put, LumaDream is a sleeping pill. But that’s not the only thing about it. Unlike the many options available at your disposal, LumaDream has a more natural approach to improve your sleeping pattern. This, in turn, eliminates the risk of long term side effects on the body.

What Are The Ingredients?

The main ingredients are Valerian, Gamma-aminobutyric acid, calcium, Skullcap Root, and Melatonin. While Valerian is known for its sleep-inducing properties, the combination of Gamma-aminobutyric acid and Skullcap Root calms the nerves by reducing anxiety and nervousness. Lastly, calcium and Melatonin enhance the pill’s power in a safe and effective manner.

Does it have any side effects?

None of the chemicals that go into the making of LumaDream has any potential side effects, which sets it apart from the rest. In fact, its biggest advantage is the absence of Benzodiazepines, which is one of the most commonly found ingredients in conventional sleeping pills. However, Benzodiazepine is a rather strong chemical that works by affecting the central nervous system. In contrast, the mix of milder chemicals in this product works gradually but surely to help you improve your sleep in the long run.

Is It A Scam?

Having tested it myself, I can vouch for its efficiency. Before I began taking LumaDream, I was on prescribed sleeping pills for the past few years. But after some time, I started experiencing increased drowsiness and lag during the day. And that’s when I decided to make a switch for good. By following the recommended dosage, my sleeping pattern saw a significant improvement from the third day onwards. I was feeling more rested and fresh during the day. Because the pills didn’t interfere with my nervous system, there was no ‘hangover’ like feeling in the morning.

With that, I hope this guide was helpful. And I wish you well. Thank you for reading, Do check my recent posts.

  • Price
  • Effectiveness
  • Natural


In my opinion, LumaDream isn’t a scam. It’s rather the opposite.

It’s been an amazing help in my case and now I can’t think of anything better that can help me sleep.

I liked a lot of things about it. First of all, the ingredients are more natural, gradual and less intrusive. I don’t get sleeping pills hangover, and I feel more rested and active in the morning.

Second of all, it doesn’t affect my nervous system and I have had no side-effects whatsoever.

And finally, what a steal this is. It’s developed by reputed people and you can get some online anytime. There’s no way I am going to give up on this easily.

But yes, those of you who want to knock yourself down every night with pills, this ain’t it. It’s a cure rather than a quick fix.


  • It has natural harmless ingredients.
  • It doesn’t affect the nervous system like other sleeping pills.
  • It has a more gradual and natural effect with no side effects.


  • It doesn’t have a significant effect on the first few doses.

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