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Learning Piano as an Adult – The Easy Way

Learning piano as an adult can seem to be a bit tricky and most of the people hesitate because they think that they are too old to learn it. However, the good news is that there is no such thing as being old if you want to learn something. Most of the adults think that learning piano is only easy for kids but the truth is that if you’re an adult there are several advantages when it comes to learning piano. If you have a desire to learn piano as an adult, we have some tips for you to get started:

Tips to learn piano as an adult:

You have spent your whole life listening to music and it’s not very difficult for you now because you can relate to it. You don’t even realize but you already have that piano knowledge to get started. This knowledge will help you understand the basics of the musical theory better. However, following tips will be helpful for you if you want to start properly

  • Find a teacher:

There are many tutorials present on the web to learn piano but it’s a better choice if you hire a teacher for yourself. A teacher will help you get regular with the piano lessons and reach your goal in a particular time period. A support system is very necessary when you’re learning piano as it will give you more confidence and encourage you to do it successfully.

To find a good teacher you must consider the teaching methods and the kind of students they have. Whether the teacher goes for classic learning methods or gives you lessons according to your preference. Also, make sure that you don’t have to travel a lot and the location is close to your house. A personal teacher can be very helpful to reach your piano learning goals. A professional teacher can be expensive but it is the best way to learn piano as an adult.

  • Take your age as an advantage:

If you’re taking piano lessons as an adult, you can take your age as an advantage because you’re mature and you can go deep into it. You can do a lot of research and understand the concepts in a better way and for that you may need concentration to get that you can easily go for Seven-Minute Mindfulness which will not only help you in calming down but also sharpens your memory which can make your piano learning faster. You’re an adult and you can increase your frequency of practice and choose the songs to learn yourself. So, if you have decided to learn piano as an adult, you must feel confident and encourage yourself to go ahead.

  • Learn your favorite songs and genres to make it easier:

As an adult, you’ll feel difficulty in finding motivation and continuity for learning piano. Most of the adults lose in between and they stop learning just because they aren’t much motivated. However, you must know that practice is the key to learning piano successfully and you must practice a lot if you want to be a professional pianist. A good idea to keep yourself motivated is to practice your favorite music and enjoy the lessons. This can boost your interest as you’ll pay more attention and come back frequently to practice more.

  • Listen to music to improve your rhythm:

Keep listening to different types of music that can improve your harmonies and rhythms. Since you’re learning piano, you must already be interested in music, but now is the time to listen to lots of music from different genres. Pay attention to the melodies and make sure you can understand the particular melodies, rhythms, and chords. When you’re listening to a particular music, imagine yourself that you’re playing the piano and then associate yourself to the keys and notes being played. It is necessary to have an ‘ear awareness’ when it comes to piano learning because you don’t just have to enjoy the music, but also understand the elements inside it.

  • Use piano learning software:

You might have hired a professional teacher for piano learning, but to speed up your practice you can also use piano learning software. A piano learning software is very easy to use and offers a quick way to learn piano and help you progress. Also, if you can’t reach out to your teacher for practice all the time, such software will be there for you whenever you want. As an adult you must be having responsibilities and meeting your teacher can’t always be the solution. With piano learning software you can practice any time of the day at the comfort of your home. Following are some of the benefits of a good piano learning software:

  • It offers a structured curriculum
  • Flexibility is there
  • Only a small investment is required
  • You can go back to previous lessons for practice
  • You can learn independently

There are many good piano lessons available on the web that are equipped with interactive dashboards, Piano Bootcamps, and very easy to understand videos.

Pro Piano Learning Shortcuts

  • Embrace your music sheet to master the piano:

Music sheet might be your greatest fear as a child, but now that you’re an adult you can better understand it. If you want to learn piano, you must be able to read the music sheet. If you’ve learnt to read the music sheet, you will easily play any type of music easily. The trick to read and understand the music sheet is by first understanding the elements on it such as the notes, clef, staff, and more. Once you’ve understand the symbols, they won’t look like just symbols to you. Your next step is to understand and interpret the indications on the melodies and the beats. Translating the elements and indications into your language will make music sheet reading much easier for you.

  • Repetition of weak spots:

If you’re stuck on a particular thing, make sure you don’t get frustrated. A small difficulty can turn into your weak spot easily if you think it as impossible. You just have to practice and practice more and with the passage of time you’ll get over it. You have the benefit of advance technology and learning tools available for you which were not there in the past. And thus, you can overcome any difficulty and weak spots by repetition and lots of practice.

Is learning piano costly?

If you’re going to take lessons from a professional piano teacher, then yes it can be costly. If budget is a constraint, you can also consider alternative options for taking piano lessons. Hiring a teacher is always expensive and it can cost around $35 for one piano lesson of 30 minutes. Also, you’ll have to go to the studio to take lessons from a teacher. If a professional pianist can come to your place to teach you, it can cost even more. However, you have other good options available too such as the online piano lessons that are much cheaper than hiring a teacher.

The online piano lessons are economical and you can even pay monthly or yearly. Also, you can get the lessons whenever you want to and as little or as much as you can. A piano lesson service will ask you to pay only $8 per month and you can have unlimited sessions. However, with a teacher you’ll have just 30 minutes of instructions. Another good benefit of a piano lesson is that you can avail the service 24/7 and also go back to the previous lessons. So, if you’re looking for an economical option, you have the choice of going for the online piano lessons.

How tough is learning piano as an adult?

According to us, learning piano as an adult is much easier. The only challenge that you’ll face as an adult is that you have responsibilities now and you have a strict schedule. You must be working or a stay at home parent, either way you’ll find it difficult to find time and learn piano. Most of the adults who take piano lessons from teachers keep on asking for changed dates and times and that makes the learning thing even more messed up. So, when you’ve decided to learn piano, you must first consider your flexibility otherwise you’ll end up even more confused. You must go for those options that are easier and flexible for you.

Most of the adults find it easier to go for the online piano lessons because of the flexibility. You’re independent and can learn at the comfort of home. If you’re good enough to teach yourself piano using online software, this is the best thing for you. Also, the online piano lessons have an organized curriculum and you can customize the software using the type of the lessons and the speed in which you want to learn and play piano. For adults, the best time is to learn piano is in peace at night.

What are the benefits of learning piano as an adult?

As an adult, learning how to play piano is a way of training your brain. This way you’ll find a way to challenge your capabilities and your brain will make you stay sharper for long. At this age there is no rush or competition to complete a task and you can start anytime and learn for as long as you can. You are disciplined and more focused at this age and this can help you learn piano at a better pace. Also, you understand music already and you can relate to it better than a kid does. Adults can understand and interpret the structure of music easily as compared to kids who don’t have any experience. So, if you ask us, you as an adult are more equipped and prepared to absorb all the piano learning concepts.

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