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Jeff Skilling Net Worth, Biography, Crimes, Personal Life & More

The most well-known crime committed by American Jeff Skilling was his role as the former CEO of the Enron Corporation. Jeff Skilling’s net worth is $500k as of this writing. From February 12, 2001, to August 14, 2001, Jeff served as CEO of Enron, which he joined in 1990. December 2001 saw the bankruptcy filing of Enron. It was the largest corporate bankruptcy in US history at the time.

Skilling was found guilty in 2006 of a number of federal felonies connected to the collapse of Enron. On February 19, 2004, he turned himself in to the FBI after being charged with 35 counts of fraud, insider trading, and other crimes related to the Enron scandal. He was given a sentence of 24 years and 4 months in prison.

After serving 12 years, he was transferred to a halfway house in August 2018 and freed from custody in February 2019. On January 30, 2006, the trial got underway, and Skilling quickly gained a reputation for his stern demeanour and haughtiness. He even lost his cool while testifying in court. Skilling was also given a prison term and a $45 million fine. a pittance in comparison to the billions that thousands of Enron investors lost.

Jeff Skilling Age: 69 years

Jeff Skilling Net Worth: $500k

Jeff Skilling Education: Harvard University (1979)

Jeff Skilling Wife: Rebecca Carter (m. 2002), Susan Long (m. 1975–1997)

Jeff Skilling Children: John Taylor Skilling

Jeff Skilling Early Life

The second of Betty and Thomas Skilling, Jr.’s four children, Jeffrey Keith Skilling was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on November 25, 1953. Between Aurora, Illinois, and New Jersey, Skilling was raised. He began working at Aurora’s WLXT TV when he was 16 years old. He received a full scholarship to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, after graduating from West Aurora High School, where he initially studied engineering before switching to business.

Jeff Skilling Career

He worked for a Houston bank following his 1975 graduation, which paid for his tuition to Harvard Business School, where he earned an MBA while graduating as a Baker Scholar in the top 5% of his class. He started working as a consultant for McKinsey & Company and eventually rose to the position of partner. In this capacity, Skilling assisted Enron in 1987 in developing a natural gas forward market. After making an impression on Kenneth Lay while serving as a consultant, Lay decided to appoint Skilling as chairman and CEO of Enron Finance Corp. in 1990.

As a result of the merger of Enron Gas Marketing and Enron Finance Corp. in 1991, Skilling was appointed chairman of Enron Gas Services Co. In 1997, Skilling was elevated to president and chief operating officer of Enron and appointed CEO and managing director of Enron Capital and Trade Resources.

Enron adopted “market to market” accounting under Skilling’s leadership, which projected future profits from any deal by estimating their present value rather than their historical cost. With $27 billion in trades in a quarter, the strategy assisted Enron in becoming the biggest gas and electricity wholesaler. Skilling succeeded Lay as CEO of Enron on February 12, 2001. On August 14 of that year, Skilling abruptly announced his resignation and gave personal reasons for doing so. He then sold a sizable portion of his company stock.

Jeff Skilling Highest Paid CEO/Stock Sales

Skilling was one of the highest-paid CEOs in the world at the height of his career. Skilling received pay and bonuses totalling more than $130 million between February 2000 and February 2001. After leaving Enron, Skilling sold $60 million worth of Enron stock a month later. Shortly after, Enron filed for bankruptcy, leading to the prosecutors’ claim that he sold those shares with knowledge of Enron’s impending bankruptcy. Shortly after, Skilling was charged with 35 counts of fraud, insider trading, and other offences connected to the bankruptcy and financial collapse of Enron.

On February 19, 2004, he turned himself in to the FBI and entered a not-guilty plea to all charges. His likely knowledge of and likely direct involvement in the fraudulent Enron transactions were highlighted in the indictments. Civil litigator Daniel Petrocelli, who represented Ron Goldman’s father in his successful civil lawsuit against O.J. Simpson for the death of his son, served as Skilling’s principal legal counsel.

Jeff Skilling Trial/Conviction and Imprisonment

In Houston, the trial got under way in January 2006. When Enron filed for bankruptcy in December 2001, it was the biggest in American history, and 20,000 workers lost their jobs as a result. Many of them subsequently lost their entire life savings. Millions were also lost by investors. Before declaring bankruptcy, Skilling and many of the company’s executives sold sizable amounts of their own Enron stock for a healthy profit.

Skilling was found guilty on one count of conspiracy, one count of insider trading, five counts of making false statements to auditors, twelve counts of securities fraud, and not guilty on nine counts of insider trading by the jury on May 26, 2006. He received a prison term of 24 years, 4 months.

At the Montgomery Federal Prison Camp at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, Skilling started serving his sentence on December 13, 2006. Up until 2018, when he was granted an early release and transferred to a halfway house in Texas to complete the remainder of his sentence, he remained there. On February 21, 2019, Skilling was released from federal custody. In June 2020, Reuters reported that Skilling was raising money to launch Vend LLC, an online oil and gas trading platform.

According to reports, Skilling spent $70 million defending himself in a number of pricey court cases and appeals. Nearly $23 million of that total amount was simply used as a retainer for his defence team. Skilling finally agreed to pay the $45 million in restitution he owed to victims in May 2013.

Jeff Skilling Personal Life

His first marriage to Susan Long ended in 1997, and during that time he had a daughter and two sons (ages 22, 20, and 16 at the time of his conviction). On February 3, 2011, his youngest son, John Taylor (JT), was discovered dead in his apartment in Santa Ana, California, from what authorities believe to be a drug overdose. Rebecca Carter, a former vice president for board communications and board secretary at Enron, and Skilling were wed in March 2002.

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