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EX Back Permanently Review-Worth Trying?

It was only last year that I went through an absolutely horrible break up with Emily.

And only just a few days later was I desperately searching for ways to win her back.

Though I was blaming her at first for all the gut-wrenching pain and hurt I was feeling. I soon realized that I was the one to blame for all my selfishness, as I was quite insensitive to her desires and needs.

However, I wanted to change, and I wanted her as a part of my life once again.

So I bought and tried out a lot of “EX back products” and guides, but nothing seemed to work. Though some of the programs helped to get her to talk to me again, that happiness was quite short lived.

It was not until I came across Kevin’s EX Back Permanently product that I saw some permanent and significant results.

Let me tell you why.

What makes Kevin’s Product differ from the rest?
  • Price
  • Writer Experience
  • User-Friendly
  • Adaptable


text your ex back scamA lot of the other standard EX Back schemes and programmes primarily deal with tricks that make you seem attractive and confident to your EX so that he/she can fall in love with you again. But even if your EX does fall for the bait, he/she will soon realize that it was all a ruse, and the reason that they broke up with you in the first place have not changed at all.

What a lot of people (me included) don’t realize after a breakup is that, the state of mind goes into a panic mode.

And that very panic made me ask a lot of wrong questions to myself every day, which only fed my ever bloating anxiety and fear.

Questions like “What if she doesn’t contact me?”  “What if she moves on?”, only makes things worse and make one spiral into taking all the wrong decisions.

Other EX Back products make this anxiety grow even further by creating an illusion of confidence.

But this is precisely what Kevin’s program tackles. It made me ask the right questions, and allowed me to be self-aware of all my flaws that led Emily to break up with me in the first place.



  • Easy to follow steps and with tried and tested guides.
  • Personal email mentorship with the course founders.
  • Stresses more on connection and trust than just solely focusing on attraction.
  • Pocket-friendly with assured results.


  • Needs a lot of time and determination to get positive results.
  • All lessons are in online ebook format.

How Did I Fix the Root of the Problem by asking the Right Questions?

When Emily left me, it would be an understatement to say that I was devastated. I more or less lost all desire to get up in the mornings, and summoning up the strength to go through with the rest of the day kept getting harder over time.

I started looking more untidy and unkempt as days went by; I stopped cleaning the house, and I kept getting sloppier at work. Being distracted continuously and thinking about her, wanting to constantly win her back took quite a toll on my physical and emotional health.

My friends would often jokingly say that I was depressed and I just needed to get over her for things to get back to normal. But it was easier said than done really, and it felt impossible for me to take my mind off her.

I knew I needed to win her back, but now in hindsight, I realized that the way I was going about winning her back was all wrong. Neither did I know the root of my problems, nor was I asking myself the right questions, which would have helped me not only win her back, but keep her for good.

What are the Questions I needed to ask myself?

Kevin’s Ex Back Permanently helped me realize that I was suffering from a prevalent relationship pattern that a lot of guys go through.

And I have been going through this not just with Emily, but will all my previous relationships as well, which spans almost 8 years. I learned that I kept subconsciously seeking relationships where I cared more for the girl than what she did for me.

This was the pattern I kept following over and over. And soon it lead me to believe that I may never find a girl who would honestly love and accept me for who I was

After my breakup with Emily, I knew I wanted things to change, but I didn’t have any idea how to go about doing it.  

Ex Back Permanently showed me precisely what I needed to do to bring about the change I desired, and it all starts with asking myself the right questions, and doing away with all sorts of tricks and manipulations.

What if I get Emily back again and then she leaves again?

This is one of the hardest and most important questions that I needed to ask myself before I attempted to get Emily back. A lot of the standard Ex Back guides will show you the tips and tricks to get the girl back, but they will not show you the ways of keeping her with you for long.

So, what really is the point of putting in all that hard work and going through with all that manipulation if you’re not able to keep her forever?

Will manipulating her into staying with you make your friendship and comradery strong and healthy? Or will there be a strong sense of trust if she realizes that you have lied to her again?

Asking the right questions and changing your character for the better will go a long way in making her love you for who you are. And you will not have to pretend to be someone else for the rest of your life when you’re with her.

Why do I always feel so needy and desperate to win her back? What can I do to change?

Kevin’s Ex Back Permanently taught me that a lot of guys like me suffer from a sort of addiction to their ex-girlfriends. It stems out of a sense of loss, which makes them feel that the life they have imagined and dreamed with their partners is crumbling around them.

Failing to imagine a life without their ex is the core of this neediness and desperation which inevitably leads to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Self-confidence is vital when it comes to attracting your ex. Only when she sees that you have changed, matured and are beaming with positive energy, will she consider getting back with you.

Insecurities become suppressed and get rooted deep within the subconsciousness. Asking these questions will help you come in terms with yourself and your mental and physical condition.

Uprooting these false senses of fear is imperative to making you look more attractive to your ex.

How can I show her that things are different? How can I fill the gap between us?

Majority of the times, the rift that is created in a relationship stems from low self-esteem and a lot of deep-rooted insecurities. But they may not be the only reason behind a broken relationship.

It’s important to dig deep and find all the root cause of the breakup, and then learning ways on how to fix them. Ex back permanently teaches precisely this.

Once you know all the reasons behind the breakup, you are less inclined to using cheap tricks and manipulation to get her back. You then diligently work on yourself and the relationship and start learning effective ways to show her how you have changed.

This program will also teach you how to show her that you have changed for the good, and that you have diligently worked on yourself to get her back.

How does Kevin’s EX Back Permanently work?

Where most “EX Back Gurus” are about focusing on rebuilding attraction with your ex and making him/her jealous by faking confidence. Kevin’s scheme primarily deals with rebuilding not just attraction, but connection and trust as well.


It’s the first step after the initial ‘no-contact’ phase. No matter which stage of the breakup you’re in or even if you were chasing her before having a ‘no-contact’ period, Kevin’s thorough sketched out steps will build on your attraction levels right away.

It taught me to wipe my slate clean and change the dynamics of my post-breakup relationship.


This step was quite hard for me to achieve, as I did not have a good breakup with Emily, it was quite messy, and we left things on a bad note.

But Kevin’s easy to follow techniques provided me with the right tools to show me how exactly to fix what went wrong. When Emily finally came back to my life, our connection was stronger than ever.


Trust is the building blocks for any good relationship, and if you have broken the trust of your ex, don’t worry, there still may be another chance. This product will teach you to cautiously move forward and keep you far away from using tricks and manipulation, as one wrong move will make your ex never trust you again.  txb scam or not

What can you look forward to in this program?

When I bought Kevin’s product, I indeed got more than my money’s worth. To prove that it’s not an EX Back Permanently scam, let’s take a look at what comes with the package:

EBP Guide.

The EX Back Permanent program is nothing without the EBP ebook. The standard package comes with the regular edition while the Advanced System pack has all the latest tools that are guaranteed to get your ex back permanently.

A Healing Worksheet.  

The program also has a 30-day e-course that can help you heal after a bad breakup. It charts the course of your emotional development and will help you to rebuild attraction and connection on a regular basis. The sheet is easy to follow and will hardly take 15 minutes of your time each day.  

Personal Email coaching with Ryan and Kevin.

What’s so very amazing about this product is that you can get one on one email sessions with two of the top break up experts of the world. Ryan and Kevin, the two founders of the EX Back Permanently, will personally coach you through some of the stages.

User-Friendly with Instant Access.

The steps and tutorials are designed in such a way that you can freely customize it to your liking and needs. You get instant access to everything once you purchase, and after you’re done with it, you will be ready to tackle everything your ex throws at you.

Is the EX Back Permanently for everyone?

Even though Kevin’s program is one of the best ex-back products in the market, I will not recommend it for anyone who has a very hectic schedule. The course may not show immediate results, and it takes a lot of time and determination from the users’ part to get it done right.

Moreover, if you live in an area that has a very unstable internet connection, then the course is not for you, as most of its guides and lessons are in an online ebook format.

Final Thoughts.

With the right amount of preparation and religiously following the lessons Kevin provided, I was able to finally get Emily back. Our bond has never been stronger, and I hope that after reading this review you will try out this product for yourself as well.

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Hey, I am Nicholas, a full-time blogger. I mostly review products which I have personally used or been used by my family member. If you have any suggestions do visit contact us page.

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