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Davido Net Worth, Sources Of Income, Career, Biography And More

Davido, sometimes known as OBO the Baddest, is a prominent Nigerian musician. As of 2021, Davido’s net worth was roughly $25 million. 

Along with Wizkid and other artists, Davido is one of the most well-known musicians in Nigeria, therefore it is not surprising that he has a significant net worth.

He has received numerous endorsements and music prizes. All of these factors, together with the fact that he hails from a powerful family, contribute to Davido’s enormous net worth. In-depth discussion of Davido’s earnings, including sponsorship deals, performances, and shows, will be covered in this article. The essay will also provide some insight into Davido’s way of life and his spending habits.

In 2019, Davido’s estimated net worth was $16 million. But his talent and diligence paid off, and in 2020, his net worth reached $25 million. However, Davido’s estimated net worth in 2021 was $25 million. In addition to being from an affluent family, hustler Davido aspires to establish his own fame and fortune rather than relying entirely on his father’s income.

Many people are curious about Davido’s wealth’s origin, while others attribute his reputation and fortune to his father. Davido, however, has worked hard to become wealthy, as seen by the several endorsement deals he has reportedly secured. 

According to Forbes, Davido is one of the African musicians that creates and publishes songs that reach the top of various charts. 

Along with endorsement partnerships, Davido has collaborated with a number of well-known companies, such as MTN and Guinness Nigeria.

Davido Age: 30 Years

Davido Height: 168 cm

Davido Net Worth: $25 million

Davido Birth Name:David Adedeji Adeleke

Davido Labels: DMWHKNSony Music AfricaRCA

Davido Endorsement Deals

Davido represents numerous multi-million dollar brands, including AXE, Pepsi, Travelbeta, MTN, etc. 

Davido is reaping the rewards of his tireless work in the studio, in addition to his role as an ambassador, as numerous multi-million dollar firms are prepared to sign endorsement deals with him.

On April 6, 2012, Davido and MTN, the biggest mobile network in Africa, agreed to a N30 million endorsement contract. Later, it was revealed that Davido was the face of MTN Pulse, a marketing initiative for young people in Nigeria.

The Guinness company supported Davido on October 24, 2013, as he appeared in the “World of More Concert” with other notable Nigerian musicians like Olamide, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, D’banj, and many others.

Davido’s Other Sources Of Income 

Davido makes much of his money from music; he demands astronomical prices for his appearances and performances. His net worth has risen as a result. In order to improve his net worth, Davido charges between N10 and N40 million for local concerts while earning between $100 and $200,000 for international appearances. 

As a well-known performer, Davido checks out more than 40 events each year. Davido’s labour of love equals his net worth when you multiply the number of shows listed by the amount of money he makes.

On his YouTube profile, Davido receives over 663 million views on his videos, boosting his earnings and wealth. 2016 saw the launch of Davido’s music label, DMW, immediately after his agreement with Sony Music. Mayorkun was his first significant DMW signing. He added Davido’s DMW to his sources of income. 

Even though he is earning money and expanding his net worth in the DMW, Davido has assisted in the development of other gifted musicians in Africa.

“People fail to understand you can’t be on top forever,” Davido said in reference to DMW. “Having these artists helps me stay afloat and be current with new stuff.” 

It should be made clear that Davido is a young musician whose large net worth is the result of his tireless effort in the music business. It would be incorrect to only ascribe Davido’s enormous net worth to his father’s fortune, despite the fact that he is wealthy and powerful.

Davido’s Background And Rise To Fame

David Adeleke is Davido’s true name. Davido is the son of Dr. Adedeji Adeleke, a well-known Nigerian millionaire and one of the wealthiest people in the country. 

Davido’s net worth has steadily increased as a result of his music industry success. 

Davido entered the music business at a young age, but it wasn’t until 2011 that he rose to prominence among the general public. After he launched the song “Dami Duro,” Davido became quite popular.

Clarence filmed the music video for Dami Duro in Lagos, and Davido and Shizzi co-produced it. In January 2012, the song Dami Duro was accompanied by an amazing video. Dami Duro gained notoriety thanks to consistent airing on many media outlets. When he launched the popular song “Dami Duro” in 2011, he quickly entered the music business. Dami Duro’s song significantly increased his net worth. 

Due to his efforts in the music industry and prolific album releases, Davido currently ranks among the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria.

Davido’s Lifestyle

Davido, who has a net worth of over $25 million, is renowned for leading a lavish life. He often brags about his expensive, shiny possessions. 

On one of his Instagram accounts, Davido posted a photo of his family’s private jet, which received a lot of positive and negative feedback. 

Likewise, he posted on Twitter, “purchased already. Hard work and ambition, not soup, are what it takes!” While many people praised him, others criticised it as an arrogant display.

Davido enjoys a lavish lifestyle to the utmost because of his enormous net worth; once, he spent a total of 60 million naira on two Rolex watches for his children, costing 30 million naira apiece ($80,000).

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