Best Fat Burning Foods To Set Off Metabolism

Everyone wants to look slim and trim, but very few of us are willing to cut back on the cuisine to achieve that effect.

But what if there was a way to burn fat through eating? Yes! You heard us right. Burning fat is simply a matter of boosting the body’s metabolic rate, which is essentially the rate at which our body uses up energy. 

And if the metabolic rate is increased, then fats are burned faster, which means you lose weight better.

Today, we have brought forward a curated selection of the best foodstuffs that can increase your metabolic rate and allow your body to burn more fats. By including these in your diet, you not only enjoy the benefits of burning excess fat but also get wholesome nutrition at the same time.

So, what are we still waiting for? Time to dig in.


The first item on our list comes loaded with dollops of nutrition, and we don’t say this lightly. Granted, egg yolks should be avoided as they increase cholesterol; but research has shown that whole eggs can be beneficial for protecting us against multiple diseases. 

But what’s most interesting is that eggs can be extremely helpful in burning through fat. When you include eggs in the breakfast menu, your feelings of hunger are reduced, and appetites are completely satisfied. Further, eggs can keep a person full for hours, which eliminates the need for unnecessary binging.

Eggs are a protein-powerhouse (1), which helps to boost the body’s metabolic rate and burn through fat very quickly. This improvement in calorie burning, which takes place during protein digestion, is thought to be the reason why eggs are so fulfilling. So be sure to include eggs in your weekly diet if you want to remain full as well as fat-free.


Eggs are one of the few foodstuffs that are low on cost yet high on nutrition. The protein content of eggs helps to improve the body’s metabolic rate and burn fat faster. Eggs are also great for reducing hunger pangs and are extremely nutritious. 

Oily Fish

The next delicacy on our list is fish that is rich in fats and oils. Fish such as mackerel, salmon, and sardines provide you with sufficient quantities of omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to help lose body fat. Further, fish is a rich source of protein; and as is commonly known, protein digestion increases metabolic rates and provides greater feelings of fullness. This leads to better burning of body fats and reduction in uncalled for food cravings.

Apart from the above, fatty fish consumption has been proven (2) to decrease inflammation and lower the risks of heart diseases. Not only that, consumption of fish oil has shown a remarkable decrease in cortisol levels, a stress hormone that accelerates fat storage. 

So to make sure that you remain healthy, maintain a high metabolism rate and lose fat, be certain to include oily fish in your diet at least two times every week.


Oily fish is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids and hence helps the body to lose weight. Protein from oily fish speeds up the body’s metabolic rates, burns fat and reduces unnecessary cravings. Oily fish consumption has multiple other benefits including avoidance of heart disease and decreased inflammation.


Mornings are just not the same without it, and there are very few people who can get through the day without their daily cuppa. But did you know that coffee is great for burning fat? One of the most popular drinks across the entire world, coffee is a rich source of caffeine, which is a known mood enhancer and metabolic booster.

Caffeine derived from coffee has shown to increase metabolic rate by up to 13%, although the rates vary from person to person. In a significant study (3), it has been demonstrated that people who consumed coffee prior to exercise were able to burn twice the amount of fat as compared to those who didn’t. They were also able to exercise longer than the non-caffeine consumption group.

Be warned, however, that excess caffeine consumption can lead to adverse side effects, such as insomnia or excess anxiety. To get the most of coffee’s fat-burning benefits, aim for a max of four cups of coffee per day, depending on the strength of the brew.


Coffee is one of the best-loved drinks that set off metabolism. Coffee provides your body with caffeine that energizes you, improves digestive processes and helps to burn fat. However, too much caffeine can be harmful, and hence coffee should be taken in moderation.

Oolong Tea

Yet another healthy beverage on our list, Oolong tea is lesser-known than green tea, but is just as healthy, perhaps more so. Rich in catechins and caffeine, Oolong tea has been shown (4) to boost calorie burning capabilities by a significant 102 calories daily. This is a major achievement.

Oolong tea facilitates weight loss by improving the body’s metabolic rate and burning fat faster. As compared to green tea, Oolong tea can burn fat twice as quickly. So, if you combine the two beverages as part of your daily drinking regime, the benefits are certainly going to be significant.


Oolong tea is a healthier cousin of green tea and has proven fat burning capabilities. Oolong tea improves the body’s metabolic rate and burns fats faster. Combining Oolong tea with green tea can be extra beneficial.


Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are a form of fat that is metabolized in a way that’s different from that of other food items, which contain long-chain fatty acids. MCT oil is a derivative that is made by extracting the MCTs from palm or coconut oil.

As they are shorter in length, MCTs are quickly absorbed by the human body. Once they reach the liver, they can either be used to produce energy at once or are transformed into ketones for use as an alternative energy source.

Research has shown MCTs to help increase metabolic rates. In a study (5) involving eight adults, it was found that consumption of 15 to 30 grams of MCT every day allowed them to burn an excess of 120 calories per day. Further, the addition of MCT oils to one’s daily diet also helps in the reduction of hunger and facilitates the preservation of muscle mass during the weight loss process.

When consuming MCT oil, it’s best to start with a low dose daily and increase the amount consumed over time. This helps to eliminate undesirable side effects such as diarrhea and nausea.


MCTs are a fat variant that can be quickly and efficiently absorbed by the human body for releasing energy. Thus, consuming MCT oil can help to accelerate metabolic rates and burn through fat faster. When consuming MCT oil, it’s best to start small and increase dosages as you go along.

Whey Proteins

Digesting proteins is one of the best ways to boost metabolism, and there’s no protein better than whey proteins for this purpose. Consumption of whey proteins improves metabolic rates (6) and leads to fat burning in both lean as well as obese individuals. Whey proteins have proven to be better at fat burning and increasing metabolic activity than soy proteins or casein.

What’s more, whey proteins are more effective at suppressing the urge to binge and stimulate the release of beneficial hormones such as GLP-1 and PYY. They also promote the growth of muscles and aid in the preservation of muscle mass during the weight loss process. So the next time you get a craving, substitute that oily snack for a whey protein shake and feel the difference.


Whey proteins are one of the best sources of proteins available and their consumption promotes fat burning in all individuals. Whey proteins also help in the growth of muscles and release beneficial hormones. Overall, one of the most preferred methods of fat burning available.  

Chili Peppers

A hot favorite the world over, chili peppers are a rich source of antioxidants that help to protect cells from damage, and also prevent inflammatory diseases. What’s more, they contain a compound known as capsaicin, which prevents overeating and promotes fullness. This way, the compound helps you achieve healthy body weight. However, the advantages of capsaicin don’t stop there.

In a recent study (7), the compound has been proven to boost metabolic rates and thus help to burn through more calories. This, in turn, leads to lesser body fat and hence a leaner, healthier body. 

Capsaicin also helps to prevent fat accumulation by reducing the urge to consume food and in this way it can promote the burning of more than 50 calories per day. And finally, chili peppers also add that much-desired spicy flavor to food, along with a dash of brightness. So consider making chili peppers a part of your diet; the benefits are sure to show.


Chili peppers are a rich source of the antioxidant capsaicin, which prevents overeating.  Consumption of capsaicin helps to boost metabolic rates and burn through more calories. This makes chili peppers a great food item for burning fat. Plus, it also adds flavor to your food, which is an added bonus.

Olive Oil

The pride of the Mediterranean, olive oil is well known as one of the healthiest metabolic enhancers in the entire world. As multiple studies (8) have already indicated, the consumption of olive oil helps to promote fat loss by boosting the metabolic rate.

Olive oil also contributes to the lowering of triglycerides, which are classified as bad cholesterol, and improve the levels of the more beneficial HDL cholesterol. They also stimulate the production of GLP-1, a hormone that promotes fullness and prevents overeating. 

Therefore, adding a dash of olive oil to your meals can only help eliminate those extra inches.


Olive oil helps to boost the metabolic rates and thus promotes fat loss. But it also contributes to the lowering of bad cholesterol and improves the levels of good cholesterol. Plus, the regular consumption of olive oil also prevents overeating and thus helps to control body fat levels.


You must think that we’re “nuts” for promoting nuts as a source of eliminating fat with the reputation they have, but hear us out. Nuts are a source of healthy fats, which, when taken in calculated moderation, can be beneficial in improving metabolic activity.

Nuts also have a high content of magnesium, proteins, and fatty acids, which stave off hunger pangs and leave you feeling full for more extended periods. They are also rich in fiber, which aids digestion and promotes gut health.

A scientific study (9), previously published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, has found that nuts have a direct correlation with improved metabolic activity and promotion of weight loss.

In particular, almonds are especially beneficial when it comes to getting rid of excess fat. Almonds have l-arginine amino acids in sufficient concentrations, which help to build muscles and burn off the excess calories. Regular consumption of almonds is known to shave off those extra inches of arm and belly fat. So the next time you see some nuts, be sure to grab a few.


Tasty, healthy and nutritious, nuts are one of the healthiest fat sources that improve metabolism and burn excess calories. Nuts also have a high content of proteins, minerals and dietary fiber. Taken in controlled moderation, nuts can have a highly beneficial effect on the body. 


Legumes such as beans, peas, and lentils are excellent protein sources that help the body to improve metabolism and burn excess fat. Legumes are rich in soluble as well as insoluble fibers that help to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood.

Further, the insoluble fibers in leguminous foods promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. They also result in the release of butyrate, which speeds up metabolic processes and helps to burn extra fat. Legumes help to keep you full for longer, reduce the urge to consume untimely meals, and help in the building of muscle mass.


Legumes are a rich source of protein that contributes to metabolic activity enhancement. Legumes are also rich in soluble as well as insoluble fibers, and thus help to control blood sugar levels. Not only do they help to burn excess fat, but they also improve muscle mass.


Once again, avocados find a place on our list of healthy foodstuff, and with good reason. A rich source of fiber as well as monounsaturated fats, avocados help to maintain a healthy BMI and reduce belly fat.

Avocados also contain potassium; this helps to prevent water retention in the body. Further, they also contribute towards lowering cortisol, a known stress hormone that promotes fat accumulation. 


Avocado consumption comes with multiple upsides such as improved BMI, reduced belly fat and better water retention. Avocados also help by lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


Adding a dash of berries to your diet can help to introduce much-needed fiber in your system. Apart from the usual benefits of fiber, berries also help to lower blood sugar levels and improve gut health.

The reason for the many benefits of berries is the presence of polyphenols, an antioxidant that prevents fat formation, improves blood flow to the muscles, and reduces the levels of cortisol. All this adds to the lowering of belly fat.

Finally, berries help to control sugar cravings and prevent fatigue. Hence, it’s most important to add berries to your shopping list.


One of the best ways to burn fat, berries introduce fiber in your diet. Lower blood sugar levels, presence of antioxidants and reduced cortisol have the combined effect of lowering body fat and preventing fatigue. Berries also help to improve blood flow and prevent fat formation.  

Dairy Products

We have decided to end our list with a bit of milky goodness, and we sincerely hope you’ll be delighted. A rich source of protein and calcium, dairy products are perfect for boosting your metabolic rate and burning through excess fat. 

High protein dairy products such as cottage cheese, Greek Yogurt, and milk are great for promoting fat loss, lowering obesity, and preventing diabetes. Further, probiotic bacteria in certain dairy products such as yogurt can improve gut health.


Needless to say, all dairy products are rich sources of calcium and protein. Be it yogurt, cheese or milk, the consumption of wholesome dairy items certainly eliminates diseases, burns fats and improves metabolism.

Final Words 

And we’re done! We hope you enjoyed going through our list of foods that help to burn excess fat. By including these items in your daily food chart, you stand a good chance of eliminating those excess inches.

But be advised, all food and no workout is bound to have minimal effect, and you shouldn’t expect to shed that extra flab by gorging on these items alone. Further, be sure to take these items in moderation, as too much of nothing is a good thing. Just be sure to include them in your diet, and supplement their effect with regular workouts and balanced meals.

Last but not least, if you feel that we’ve left out some food items that you know helps to burn fat, be sure to let us know! 



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