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Amit Jain Net Worth, Age, Biography, Early Life, Family, Career

When they have the money to do so, many people consider purchasing an automobile for themselves. However, purchasing a car from any place is not a simple task; finding a nice car at the best price is a significant difficulty.

People must look for automobiles at various costs and brands in the showroom and other city showrooms. Amit Jain is aware of the issue. Amit Jain established a business to address this issue.

Amit Jain now has a net worth of more than 2900 crores because to this business. He is one of India’s largest billionaires. The wealth of Amit Jain comes from his business. His business is called Cardekho. IIT graduate Amit Jain founded his business with his brother and business partner to address the issue with automobiles.

This article will discuss Amit Jain’s net worth, Namita Thapar’s net worth and her background, as well as his involvement with Shark Tank. Stay with us in this page to learn all about Amit Jain’s net worth. His strategy to launch a business called cardekho is successful. Due to the satisfaction of this client and other website visitors, Cardekho is currently one of the largest vehicle review firms.

Due to this business, Amit Jain’s net worth has increased to 2980 crore rupees. Amit Jain was starting extremely laboriously as an IITian. Together with his business partner and brother, he founded this enterprise. His achievement was greatly aided by his hardship, and this is why Amit Jain’s net worth is what it is now.

Amit Jain Age: 45 years

Amit Jain Religion: Hindu

Amit Jain Company Name: CarDekho

Amit Jain Sibling: Anurag Jain

Amit Jain Marital Status: Unmarried

Amit Jain Company Brand Ambassador: Akshay Kumar

Amit Jain Shark Tank

The Shark Tank is a business reality television programme that airs in India in the Hindi language. On Sony Entertainment Television, the Shark Tank programme is broadcast. The programme is the Shark Tank Indian franchise from the United States. During the lockdown, the show is particularly well-liked. Season 1 has come to a conclusion. Season two is still under progress. But at this time of year. Ashmeer Grover is not included in the one face.

Amit Jain Biography

A select few individuals each take the decision to launch a business from their hometown. However, the clarity is successful when the clients respond favourably and the business embraces the welfare with open arms. Amit Jain, the CEO and co-founder of CarDekho, is one living example. He never left his home and was free to pursue his dreams with the help of a loved one.

India’s top car search website,, helps customers find out all the information about the vehicles that are best for them. It is a platform and app that offers a variety of information, including expert analysis, thorough specifications and prices that are compared side by side, among other things. Google Capital, Hillhouse Capital, Sequoia Capital, Tybourne Capital, HDFC Bank, and Ratan Tata are among the bankers involved.

Amit Jain Educational Qualifications

Amit Jain completed his academic studies at St. Xavier’s School in Jaipur before earning his degree from the IIT in Delhi in 1999.

Amit Jain Personal Life 

Amit Jain was raised and born in India, where he attended school from Jaipur to Delhi. He was born with the ability to manage a company and create his own organisational structures. His father was both an astrologer and the owner of a semi-precious stone business. His mother stays at home and creates a special bond with her and his brother Anurag Jain.

Sadly, their father died of cancer in 2006, therefore they must continue the family custom. The brothers never showed any interest in astrology because the predictions may sometimes work in their favour and other times against them. They soon received permission to leave the family firm and made the biggest decision of their lives by starting their own business.

Amit Jain Professional Life

After graduating from one of India’s well-known engineering schools, Jain began working as a software engineer for Tata Consultancy Services. Jain quickly changed jobs after working for TATA for a year as an engineer in the hopes of getting more opportunities. At Trilogy, he was offered the positions of senior associate, delivery manager, and product manager (a software-based company located in Austin, Texas).

After learning that his father had cancer, he made a comeback in 2006. At that point, he devised a strategy to create a million-dollar IT contracting business in his hometown, which would pay for all of his efforts if they were successful.

Amit Jain Net Worth, House & Cars

Jain, Amit Net wealth is on track to surpass $100 million (approx.). With a good performance across all business segments in September 2021, the CarDekho Group exceeded the $100 million income run-rate. The business is worth $1.2 billion.

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