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Paul Oakenfold Net Worth, DJ Career, Personal Life, Real Estate & More

Paul Oakenfold is an English record producer and a world-famous trance DJ. Paul Oakenfold’s net worth is $50 million. More than 100 remixes by Paul Oakenfold have been created for musicians like Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Moby, and the Rolling Stones. He has received numerous Grammy Awards for his contributions, and DJ Magazine twice named him the best DJ in the world. Additionally, Oakenfold has put out a number of studio albums and composed the music for numerous movies and television programs.

Paul Oakenfold Age: 59 years

Paul Oakenfold Net Worth: $50 million

Paul Oakenfold Record Labels: Perfecto Records, Black Hole Recordings, Warner Records, Maverick, Warner Bros. Pictures, Thrive Music

Paul Oakenfold Awards: DJ Award for Best Techno, DJ Award for Outstanding Contribution, DJ Award for Best Trance

Paul Oakenfold Nominations: Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Recording, MORE


Paul Oakenfold Early Life and Career Beginnings

In London, England, on August 30, 1963, Paul Oakenfold was born. Before relocating to Croydon, where he attended Archbishop Lanfranc School, he spent his formative years in Highbury and Greenhithe. Later, Oakenfold worked at the Army and Navy Club while studying for four years to become a chef.

Oakenfold’s musical career started in the late 1970s when he began assisting Trevor Fung as a soul music DJ in a wine bar. He relocated to New York City with his friend Ian Paul in 1981, where he worked as a courier. He and Paul would enter dance clubs undercover while using false identification. After moving back to London, Oakenfold joined Champion Records as an A&R manager, where he signed artists like Salt-N-Pepa, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and the Fresh Prince. He also made an appearance on the BBC kids’ show “Blue Peter,” and he started working as a promoter and agent for Run-D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys.

When he assisted in organising an acid house party at the Heaven club in Charing Cross in 1987, Oakenfold became well-known. Over 1,500 people showed up on Monday nights for the rest of the decade to attend these wildly successful events. In 1989, Oakenfold founded Perfecto Records after coming to the realisation that he wanted to establish a brand-new space where musicians could advance their careers. Over the following few years, Oakenfold’s fame grew steadily. He worked on two remixes and a cover song for the rock band Happy Mondays in 1990 with Andrew Weatherall, Steve Osborne, and Terry Farley.

The band requested Oakenfold and Osborne to produce their 3rd studio album, “Pill ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches” after being impressed with their work. The album debuted at the top of the UK charts, and Oakenfold and Osborne later received the Brit Award for Best Producer for their efforts.

Paul Oakenfold Success

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Oakenfold continued to create numerous successful remixes. One of his hits was a remix of “Even Better Than the Real Thing” by U2, which performed better on the charts than the original version. Additionally, he worked with Steve Osborne and Ben Hiller to remix “You Got Me Rocking” by the Rolling Stones and “Out of My Mind” by Duran Duran. For BBC Radio 1 in 1994, Oakenfold produced two two-hour DJ sets that were later collected as “The Goa Mix” album. “Perfecto Fluoro,” a further well-liked DJ mix album, was released in 1996.

Collaboration between Oakenfold and the record company Global Underground started in 1997. His debut record for the label was a live performance of him spinning records in an Oslo, Norway club. He released his DJ mix album “Tranceport” the following year. At this point in his career, Oakenfold was at the height of his notoriety. He was chosen by DJ Magazine as the best DJ in the world in 1998 and 1999. He committed to a two-year residency at Liverpool’s Cream club and continued to put out mix albums for Global Underground. Oakenfold performed on the Glastonbury Festival’s main stage for the first time ever in 1999.

Paul Oakenfold Move to America

After enjoying success in Europe, Oakenfold relocated to the US. He performed for an estimated 80,000 people at one of his first major events, Cyberfest 2000 in Fresno, California. The following year, he joined performers like Incubus, OutKast, and the Roots on the first Area Festival tour. After performing at the Mekka Electronic Musical Festival, Oakenfold relocated to Los Angeles to compose music for motion pictures. He created the score for the 2001 action thriller “Swordfish.”

Paul Oakenfold Studio Albums

Following his signing with Maverick, Oakenfold issued “Bunkka,” his debut studio album, in 2002. The album, which featured vocals from Perry Farrell, Shifty Shellshock, Ice Cube, and Nelly Furtado among others, was a big success, selling more than 1,000,000 copies worldwide. “A Lively Mind,” Oakenfold’s second album, was released in 2006 and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album. “Trance Mission,” Oakenfold’s third studio album, was released in 2014. In 2021, he released “Shine On.”

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