Adaptive Body Boost Review – My Journey From Fat to Fit

Adaptive Body Boost Review – My Journey From Fat to Fit

The ideal program that can help you lose weight and stay fit in a very natural way can be quite hard to find.

Regularly maintaining a fast-paced life with tight professional deadlines is one of the primary causes of anxiety, hypertension and stress eating.

I was a victim of stress eating as well. Because of the long hours at the bookstore and the daily long-distance commuting, I hardly had much time to concentrate on my health.

Hitting the gym was rather an impossibility. Heck! I was relying on fast food and junk for all my ‘24-hour dietary supplement’.

Needless to say, I got obese and overweight. My relationship with Emily started to fail, I kept losing focus at work, I felt tired all the time, and my confidence was at an all-time low.

Out of desperation, I started going for a lot of fitness programs, and even though some of the courses seemed to work at first, in the end, they all failed to help me achieve what I wanted to.

It wasn’t until I started using the Adaptive Body Boost that I started to see some permanent results. But before you think of this product as an Adaptive Body Boost scam, let me tell you about my experiences with it.

Adaptive Body Boost: An Overview
  • Price
  • Writer Experience
  • Effectiveness


adaptive body boostAll in all, the Adaptive Body Boost is a comprehensive system, that helped in priming my body to solely run on my excess body fat for fuel.

The product comes with a written manual that is supported by a video content which explains the various steps required to achieve what you want. It helped me quickly understand what exactly I needed to do in order to achieve results as efficiently and as effectively as I possibly can.

The basic concept behind this program revolves around two simple things, ‘good food and a healthier lifestyle.’ It focuses on a ketogenic diet, and explains through the guide how a change in my diet and way of living can completely turn my life around.

Which surprisingly it did. Along with losing a ton of weight, I feel much more energetic and focused than before.

The ketogenic diet scheme proposed by the course allowed me to consume more healthy fats as my ‘primary fuel source.’

But what is so very unique about this supplement plan, is that even if I need to change a majority of my lifestyle, I still get to enjoy all the delicious food that I love.

The scientific backing behind this program states that, if you stop relying on a  heavily processed, high carbohydrate diet then you will be losing weight in no time. Your body will automatically supplement the lack of glucose in your blood with good fat that you ingest along with the excess fat in your body.

This will, in the long run, improve all aspects of my life. From developing the condition of the neurotransmitters in the brain to significantly boosting my cardiovascular health, this product was able to turn my life around completely.



  • The products lessons are attractive and easy to follow.
  • Helps improve physical health.
  • Uses a ketogenic diet plan, which is scientifically sound.
  • Helps reduce excess body fat along with improving mental conditions such as thinking and memory.


  • No hard copy or downloadable option available for the course.
  • The program is not for everyone.

My Thoughts.

When I first heard and read about this product, I indeed felt that it was a scam. And I distinctly remember thinking that, here was another muscled man with a questionable workout plan, ready to steal my money.

But after doing a lot of research and trying out the product for myself, I must say that it worked wonders for me, and the creator Thomas Delauer is, in all honesty, the real deal.

There are a lot of programs out there in the market that talk about burning fat by changing the type of food that you intake. However, what sets Adaptive Body boost apart from the rest of its competition is the various amount of informational and educational videos that it offers.

The creator Thomas Delauer has designed the entire program in such an ingenious way that it will effortlessly guide you through all the steps and make the routine as simple and as customizable for you as possible.

One of the most crucial aspects of the step-by-step guide was providing me with a clear picture of what exactly I wanted and what was expected of me.

The program tells me that all the cells in my body are oriented to burn excess fat, but due to our high-calorie intake diet, we don’t allow them to do the things that they are designed to do.adaptive body boost reviews

About The Author: Thomas Delauer.

The creator of the program Thomas Delauer is a well known ‘celebrity nutritionist and trainer,’ who has for many years now created a niche for himself in the field of physical health and fitness.

Thomas was excessively obese and overweight in the past, and his wife too was suffering from Lyme disease. He knew that something needed to change, and soon he started working and researching within the health industry, and he is now one of the leading gurus in the field.

He has helped thousands improve their health and physique, and aided them in tackling with their weight and body related depression and anxiety.

In his Adaptive Body Boost product, Thomas in detail talks about all the perks and benefits of ‘Intermittent Fasting’ and ‘the Keto Diet.’ He even goes as far as to provide a lot of tips and tricks that can help you maximize your results.adaptive body boost

What are some of the things that I got from Adaptive Body Boost?

The first item that I received with the product was a 32-page manual which begins by listing out all the video that come with my purchase. Each of these videos is unique in their own way, and they specifically cater to a particular aspect of the human body and lifestyle.

  • Video 1: introduction to Ketosis and This Process
  • Video 2: How Ketosis Actually Works in Your Body
  • Video 3: The Keto/Low Carb Flu
  • Video 4: How Much Protein and Why?
  • Video 5: What About the Carbs?
  • Video 6: Exercising on the Program
  • Video 7: Cheat Meal Time

Even though you might want to go through these videos straight off when you start your course, it’s best first to read the manual thoroughly to have a better understanding of the program and the videos.

So here are some of the benefits that I received from the product:

  1. I understood exactly how food influences the body.

All diet and health programs talk about weight loss and eating habits, but not many of them take the modern lifestyle into account. This is something that Thomas’ course does so very well, it takes the life of a modern-day commuter into account and shapes the course according to one’s unique needs and desires.

From discussing food addiction to explaining all the various benefits of a ketogenic diet, the product taught me all the various functions and workings of food on the human body. I even learned how my body utilizes macronutrients to provide energy for the various parts and organs.

  1. Addresses Prevalent Physiological Issues.

One of the more prevalent physiological issues that this product targets is chronic inflammation which is a result of excessive glucose in the blood.

The product trains me to move away from a high carbohydrate and processed diet which will not only help me reduce weight but balance the overall levels of sugar and insulin in my blood as well. This helps me feel much more energetic and allows me to have a very positive attitude towards life and my career in general.

  1. Improved my Thinking, Memory, and Focus.

One thing that stress eating and obesity caused me was the lack of focus in every aspect of life. May it be my professional or my private sphere, it was getting progressively harder to concentrate, and I was feeling significantly more lethargic each day.

The ketogenic diet helps by improving the working of the neurotransmitters in my brain. It was the diet that was initially recommended for patients who have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and certain other neurological disorders.

By improving the neural functions, it not only helped in boosting my memory but also made me much more focused and reactive.

  1. Knowing Exactly What I need.

The Adaptive Body Boost program is all about fueling your body in the right way. It taught me to always maintain a nutritional balance, and after a thorough background on how my body works, it showed me exactly what I needed to do to reach a state of ketosis.

From going through a phase of sugar withdrawal to achieving the recommended balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, I learned all the tips and tricks required to get the results that I desired.

  1. A complete knowledge of the food value of all products.

Learning which fat, fruits, meat and vegetables are best for my body is one of the most crucial aspects of this course. Having a complete grasp of the food value of all the produce that I intake is something which is at the very core of this program.

The manual and the videos, conveniently break down each of the four fats that are prevalent in our diet, and will help you understand which type of fat is helpful and which ones will do you harm.

Apart from fats, it will also give a thorough account of all the carbohydrate types as well, which even includes carbs derived from plants and vegetables.

What Keeps the Adaptive Body Boost a step ahead of its Competition?

Here are some of the things that makes this program one of the best in the fitness market:

  1. Attractive and Easy to Follow Lessons.

One of the most impressive qualities of Adaptive Body Boost is that all its lessons are well-formatted and well-presented. The manual provides a layout that is very easy to follow, and it gave me the feeling that I was receiving a one-on-one coaching and not an online course.

The videos are very informative as well, and the amount of information and accessibility it holds, makes it very easy to approach.

  1. Scientifically Sound.

The entire philosophy behind the program is based on a science that has been proven and experimented with for years now.

It holds a lot of evolutionary evidence, and this is what gave me the confidence to trust it and try it out in the first place. And I am glad I did.

By actively changing my diet, it allowed me to gain long-term health benefits.

  1. Convenient Money Back Guarantee.

Not all health benefit courses will offer you a money back if you don’t like the product. But Adaptive Body Boost comes with a ‘money back guarantee’ policy and will allow you to try this product out without any risks.

Some of the things that the customers don’t like about Adaptive Body Boost.

One of the major gripes that customers have about this fitness product is that it’s only available online without any hard copy or downloadable options. This can be somewhat inconvenient for those customers who don’t have access to a proper internet connection.

Additionally, I would not recommend this product for those who have severe health issues. It’s always better to consult with a doctor before starting this course.

Final Thoughts.

Since I started the Adaptive Body Boost program my life has not been the same. I have cut down on a ton of fat, and I feel much more energetic and ready to tackle everything that the day can throw at me. And I am confident that it can help you the same way it helped me.

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