5 Tips to Lose Weight Healthily

You’ve been depressed about the way you look for years now. You don’t really go out much and the little exercise you get is from going to the kitchen just to get yourself a meal. What’s worse is that you spend most of your days indoors all cooped up on that sofa playing video games. Well, that needs to change. Physical health has never been more important in the world than ever before. Millions of people are taking measures to help themselves stay fit for health reasons.

Start working out. Go out of that home and run around the block. Get yourself some fresh air because you will feel ten times better if you do so. Developing a workout plan will be even better provided you follow it. Working out on a regular basis is the best way to control your weight. There are many benefits to being fit. You not only get the confidence boost you might not have had for ages, but you also look good. Imagine yourself with buffed up arms, chest and legs.

Now imagine walking up to your friends, having them be completely flabbergasted at the way you suddenly look. You would feel a sense of pride taking over as your hard work paid off.

There are several ways for you to achieve your weight loss goals. All of these are considered good and are best for people who are just starting out.

1. Stairs Workout:

The name pretty much has all the information you need to guess what this is. Stairs workout mostly needs stairs and an enthusiastic mind to execute. Stairs workout can be done climbing stairs, running up the stairs or even hopping a step at a time. They are great for calves and thighs. The higher the incline, the more the pressure on your lower body and the more the buildup of muscle.

Benefits of Stairs Workout:

  • Burns a lot more calories:

There are many benefits of a stair workout. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator is a more beneficial exercise. You remain more active throughout the day and your muscles have to work not just in your lower body but upper body as well. The biggest benefit is that because stairs workout are harder to execute, they end up burning a lot of calories. While elevators may seem convenient, they are not the best way to lose weight. You can burn as many as 500 calories with just an hour of stair workout. That’s as much as you playing volleyball for hours.

  • Very Convenient:

You should make use of stairs if you find yourself frequently in areas that have them. The biggest advantage goes to apartment owners. Instead of going up by elevator, use the stairs. This doesn’t mean you climb 12 floors but simply means you go up to 5. Once you feel warmed up you can revert back to taking the lift. The point is to get you working out more often than not. Having stairs at your home and apartment building is perhaps the most convenient way to workout.

2. Zumba Home Workouts:

Zumba is a kind of dance workout that helps you lose weight. It originates from a few Latin dances and has become famous for being fun, energetic and helpful in weight reduction. Imagine dancing to music with a group of people or at home and cutting down on countless calories. Your world would change right there and then. The Latin-inspired dance workout is famous around the world for being fun, interactive and healthy for the body. You should sweat out a bit instead of being stuck in a room somewhere eating fries. At least you will be able to learn cool new dance moves.

Benefits of Zumba Home Workout:

  • Better looking Glutes:

You might have noticed how the shape of your bottom has become as important as the shape of your biceps. A healthy bottom is associated with a healthy body. Zumba workout is the answer to your prayers if that is the case. It can help you get a good looking butt. Most of the dance steps involved work in the legs and glutes to give you a better shape. Squats are the immediate exercise that comes to mind when you think about increasing glutes muscles. However, Zumba has proved to be an even better and more fun way of gaining muscles for a well-defined bottom.

  • Helps with Daily Cardio:

Instead of running outside for hours you can substitute it with Zumba workouts. You not only sweat more but adding a partner to it increases the level of enthusiasm through hormones to execute the exercise. This will help meet your daily cardio goals especially if you are planning to tone down the extra belly fat. The more you will burn, the more you will end up sweating and that is good.

Thomas DeLauer’s Adaptive Body Boost can also help many people who want to lose weight, this system is completely safe and everything depends on your dedication.

3. Drink Lots of Water:

There was a reason why your mom told you to always drink ‘lots of water’ at school. Water is not only the source of life but the medium that sustains it. Think about how much attention you pay to drinking water in a day. Don’t have a clue, do you? You do not know despite the negative impact the lack of water can have on you. How does water help you in losing weight healthily? Well, here are some benefits of drinking too much:

Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss:

  • Flushes Out Toxins:

The kind of unhealthy foods we eat today bring with them a lot of consequences. One of them is the bundle of toxins that enter out body. Drinking a lot of water everyday can help flush out these toxins. You’ll probably end up sweating more or going to the bathroom at double the frequency than usual. This is a good sign of H2O at work to clear your body of toxins that go towards increasing your overall weight.

  • Helps in Digestion:

Your digestion or metabolism requires water to process properly. Water is essential in the breaking down of foods into glucose that can than provide energy. The more water you drink, the faster your body can digest. That is why drinking loads of a water can help you lose calories. Add a Zumba or stairs workout in it to start losing that extra blubber you have hanging around your belly.

  • Suppresses Appetite:

The whole reason you gain weight is that you burn less calories than you take in. What if you don’t eat as much as before? That’s right. Drinking lots of water a day can help with suppressing your appetite. Your body automatically ends up burning the extra fat when you receive less calories a day. You will end up using more water once you start seeing the difference.

4. Refrain from Eating Added Sugar:

Sugar is important in the overall health of your body however too much sugar can be a bad thing. Most of the junk food we eat and drink outside or at home includes added sugars. Most of the processed foods available in the market also contain the ingredient. You need to cut down on such meals if you truly wish to lose some extra pounds.

They are harmful towards your metabolism and also pose a threat to your heart. They are also the major reason behind type 2 Diabetes. The number of Diabetic patients has significantly grown in the 21st century than ever before. They are at an alarming 422 million in population around the world and are still growing.

Eating organic has been found to be a solution to the problem. Other benefits of cutting down on added sugars include:

Benefits of Refraining from Added Sugars:

  • Helps Prevent Obesity:

Imagine your cardiovascular health put to risk because a lot of fat has ended up blocking the arteries to your heart. This effect increases the blood pressure making you more vulnerable to a heart attack than ever before. Added sugars provide no such nutrients to the body but a whole lot of calories. This increases the amount of fat outlining your major organs.

A lot of calories and not a single way to burn them all is a deadly combination. If you do not work out and have a habit of laying at home doing nothing, you are more prone to get obese than anyone else. Stopping consumption of candies, cakes, cookies, colas etc. can help prevent such problems.

  • Improves Certain Digestive Conditions:

You must know the saying ‘too much of something is bad’. Well, that is exactly the case with added sugars. While sugars are essential for the blood to transfer energy around the body, too much of it can cause inflammation. This effect prevents foods from digesting properly and can cause serious health issues.

Your body is dependent on the stomach and if certain ‘breaking-down’ functions of it were to stop, your body could be in trouble. This includes irregular body temperatures, obesity and gastrointestinal problems. When you cut down on added sugars, you take a step forward and help prevent such issues from ever occurring.

5. Shop with a Purpose:

The overall quality of life around the world has benefited from technological advances. These advances have helped people gain access to a variety of products and foods right next door. Many of us give in to our impulses and end up shopping for things that we don’t even need. The US is ranked top most in wastage of resources. People end up buying more than they consume.

This is where the line needs to be drawn. Think of a what you actually need rather than what you desire. Doing this alone can help you lose weight when it comes to eating healthy.

Make a list of all the healthy food items available in the market. Search for several recipes to make them and then purchase them from your local grocery shop. Sticking to a shopping list alone can help prevent you from giving in to your desires. You are more prone to end up buying unhealthy foods than healthy ones. And why wouldn’t you? Companies design their products to look appealing and scrumptious, no matter how unhealthy they are in the long run.

However, all that glitters is not gold and neither is the pack of processed chips or cake you are purchasing.

Benefits of making a Shopping List for Weight Loss:

  • Controlled Intake of Food:

You get much more flexible and creative when you are buying your food. The years spent searching online for different recipes can finally pay off. Instead of stuffing yourself with junk food, you get to make your food and have a more balanced approach to eating. This is the long-run can reduce your overall appetite. Furthermore, certain vegetables will also help flush out all the toxins in your body.

All in all, with proper guidance from health gurus online and checking out the benefits for each meal you consume, you allow yourself the possibility of actually achieving weight loss.

  • Proper Meals Three Times a Day:

The shopping list you make will be based on the three time meals you have in a day. This means no extra intake of food, which goes towards reducing the intake of extra calories. Furthermore, deciding what to eat in those three daily meals is essential. Always choose greens when in doubt. They are the best source of antioxidants and they help reduce appetite.

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It all depends on you at the end of the day and whether you possess the will to tone your body down. Appearance is a major contributor to the first impression another may have of you. Even if being fat does not affect you as such mentally, it will start to show its effect with a range of health problems once you start getting older. That is when the body’s overall functionality starts declining. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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