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Looking at the Little Things: Catching Up, Pt. 1 (5.12 & 5.13)
Posted by SonyaLynn on May 6th, 2009
There’s an old truism among Londoners that I always used to hear exploited by comedians when I lived there that the way their buses ran, yo…

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Jorge Garcia on Jimmy Kimmel, (so funny!) and sneek peek of this weeks episode!
Posted by triangulatedsignal on April 15th, 2009
Jorge Garcia was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and talked about grocery coupons, the next episode of Lost and living in Hawaii. Be warned the video o…

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Looking at the Little Things: 5.11
Posted by SonyaLynn on April 8th, 2009
BWAAAAaaaahAAHAHAHahahaaaa…*ah-heh*…hahhhhh… Best. Last Line. EVAR! I mean, really, did you see the look in Ben̵…

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Looking at the Little Things: 5.10
Posted by SonyaLynn on March 31st, 2009
While we all know his gesture is doomed to failure (and if you don’t you have to stay after and clean the erasers), leave it to Sayid to be the…

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Looking at the Little Things: 5.09
Posted by SonyaLynn on March 25th, 2009
I honestly can say that I don’t know which episodes are harder to recap, the major league geek-fests like “The Constant,” &…

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Looking at the Little Things: 5.07
Posted by SonyaLynn on March 4th, 2009
(Author’s Note: OK, back to a regular schedule after this last late recap. I was in San Diego and Baja helping my brother get married with m…

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Looking at the Little Things — 5.05
Posted by SonyaLynn on February 17th, 2009
(Author’s Note: Please pardon your humble author’s tardiness as she fell into a bit of a time-loop herself in trying to make her th…

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LOST Photo Gallery - Jorge Garcia as Hurley (Hugo Reyes)
Posted by docarzt on January 9th, 2009
Jorge Garcia’s extensive palette of acting hues makes Hurley one of the most versatile characters on LOST. Hurley has been comic relief…

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The Merlboro Man's
Posted by MerlboroMan on May 18th, 2008
“Lost 412 Pt. 1 – No Place Like Home”   There’s a little white porch – and you wanted it so – Can you l…

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The MerlboroMan's
Posted by MerlboroMan on May 4th, 2008
“Lost 410 – Something Nice Back Home”   First the Breakdown, then the analysis, shall we? TEASER A – The show ki…

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1. Best Answer: [Deep exhale] What a relief! Thanks, UnLocke, for giving us one of the most satisfying answers we’ve ever gotten from Lost. “The numbers” are a sequence that

Lost: Now and Then

In a parallel universe, Lost’s stars are back on Oceanic flight 815 this season. But do they look the same as they did six years ago?
What do you think…

2. Most Intriguing Return: Claire is back on Lost, and with her comes a freighter full of unanswered questions: Where has she been for three years? Is she alive or

1. Best Resurrection: Death is ever-present on Lost, but we weren’t prepared for two within the first hour. (R.I.P., Juliet!) Efforts to heal a mortally wounded Sayid by bathing him

According to an article on Us Magazine‘s online site,  Fox has decided to chuck in the towel when it comes to television acting. Once LOST wraps, of course.   Don’t…

Evangeline Lilly photoshoot for L'oreal Paris

thanks roukinelj from ELF for those photoshoot of Evi for her l’oreal campaign you can see all the pictures on our gallery below [nggallery id=75]…

Evi was at JKM show last night and they spoke of the fact she’s 30 now, her auction for helping childrens and speaking of filming last season.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Josh was on Elle DeGerenes show this week and he shared experience of beeing a dad and speak a bit (without to say anything spoilers) of LOST season6

Stay Cool Trailer with Josh Holloway

Josh is funny, Sawyer can be but imagine him doing comedy movie ! I’m really looking for this movie with Josh !

Remember Me trailer With Emilie De Ravin

You miss her as I do ? You may Love Robert Pattinson, so look this trailer and see the next movie of our dear Emilie

Lost and Josh Holloway nominated at Scream Awards 2009

last year it was terry, now it’s josh, if you love josh and LOST,
josh holloway
Best tv show
best ensemble source :

a big thanks to for sharing a summary to me of the event Josh was yesterday
More details and possibly video, photos soon
STAY TUNED btw if you take…

Josh Holloway does it again!

Few fragrances are quite as iconic as Davidoff’s Cool Water – a scent that has achieved true icon status and inspired a raft of (markedly inferior) imitators since it first…

Seems as someone duped this news station by giving them footage from the Oceanic Flight 815 crash scene and telling them it was actual footage from Air France Flight 447’s…

here two vids of Foxy, he arrived this afternoon

’cause of this vid people wondered if charlie will be back on LOST and here the info by ausiello

How very sneaky of you, ABC. I just found out why

Here first look of this new show where lost fan can see Elizabeth Mitchell !…

Jack and Susan (funny)

ABC released a promo for the network featuring Teri Hatcher and Matthew Fox.…

Evi is the ambassadress for L’Oreal so she attented Cannes Festival yesterday and today, here fews photos of evi and if you want to see more of the event, check…

'Lost': Josh Holloway, dude, it's time to cash in on your awesomeness already!

If anything, last night’s season finale of Lost made two things crystal clear to me: (1) The show is coming to an end pretty soon, finally; and (2) Josh Holloway

The Lost Interview with François Chau

Interesting interview with Francois Chau who plays Pierre Chang

How was your role on Lost first presented to you? Did you also think you were just Marvin Candle appearing once

Secrets of Lost 12 with Jorge Garcia (funny) and full interview with Matthew Fox

Below are the videos of the interview with Matthew Fox and Kimmel last night and the 12th installment of the ‘Secrets of Lost’. This one is with Jorge Garcia and…

Interview with Darlton before finale

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof spoke to Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly at The Washington Post, prior to the finale. Listen to hear them discuss the finale, their relationship and…

Interview with 'Bad Robot' Producer Bryan Burk

Thought you might be interested in either reading, or listening to this interview with Bryan Burk, the producer from ‘Bad Robot’, the production company owned by J.J. Abrams. Burk talks…

Lindelof talks Lost Movie

In this short video interview Damon Lindelof talks about the notion of a Lost movie down the line. According to Lindelof, they will wrap up most of the mysteries by…

Food Delivery Website creates Lost-Themed Ad

It seems that a new Dharma station has been revealed on the Island.  A food delivery website that specifically caters to campuses (incidentally named has opted to theme its…

Matthew Fox on David Letterman (no spoilers)

Matthew Fox was interviewed by David Letterman last night for the Late Show.Watch the video to hear him talk about his childhood, his own kids, and how he thinks the…

Josh Holloways sings country! (funny)

Okay so the actual YouTube video won’t let you embed it but I am going ahead and posting the link for this because it is too funny to pass on!…

Michael Emerson talks season finale

Michael Emerson talked to Hollywood411 about the season finale, Ben Linus, the smoke monster, and tries to discreetly spoil, but if you watch the show at all, it is not…

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