21 Responses to “Video Interview – Jorge Garcia from Monte Carlo”

  1. Marc says:

    Jorge is such a cool dude, he appreciates his role and his experience from LOST. His blog “furtherdispatches” is a hoot too!

    I understand his “rock fever” cause I lived in Hawaii myself but now live in nightmare Los Angeles!

  2. Funback Joe says:

    I like how at 1:16 the editors clarify which Terry he’s talking about by putting MCQUINN in parentheses.

  3. Silk Spectre says:

    Love him soooooooooooooo much! Its cool he wants to stay in contact with the other actors.

  4. spacebender says:

    “Dude!” I recently rewatched “Dave” from Season 2 and am no less awestruck by the profound arc of Hurley’s character and Jorge’s spectacular portrayal of it throughout all 6 seasons. And I always enjoy seeing him in any interview.

  5. Nikki's Perfect Chest says:

    So, is this site dead now? There are hardly any stories posted, and those that are hardly get any responses. I can’t believe how quickly this site died after the finale.

  6. Kate's Perfect Butt says:

    So this site really IS dead, then. That’s such a shame. I kept hoping the dry period would end. I feel like we fans have lost the best Lost site there was.

    • bplenc says:

      this was the same site that posted that FB review without commenting allowed, so take that as you will.

      there are a few far better sites out there still very active. seek and ye shall find.

      • MIB Pants says:

        what are they?

      • Kate's Perfect Butt says:

        If you mean Dark UFO, no thanks. That’s a poorly constructed and badly written site, and I rarely find the articles interesting.

        And by the way, no, this site did NOT post the FB review without commenting allowed. As Doc already explained, FB herself did that, in order to keep the comments on a single location–and people could just have easily gone to her site and posted comments.

        • Rams says:

          Hasn’t this already been rehashed several times in the comments section of other non-FB posts on this site?

          • bplenc says:

            apologies Rams, yes it has, but again, since there was no discussion allowed on her post here, they have been happening everywhere else…god knows I wouldn’t be caught dead on FB site.

          • Rams says:

            I don’t want to post in her site either…

        • bplenc says:

          so FB has full reign of this site? someone had to ALLOW it to happen n’est pas?

          at least DarkUfo post things daily and hasn;t left the fandom out in the cold with post like the wretched FBs to linger on for eternity. eye m sick is another site that respects the fandom. which is what this is all about no? or am I mistaken? is it about self-righteous idiots who can post anything they pull out of their dirty asses and then turn off comments for “centralized” discussion?

          in order to keep the comments on a single location? why? never been done before? WHHHHY? so she could have control over what is posted which is obvious since only those that agree with her are posted …check it out for yourself.

          • Don’t fool yourself into thinking Fishbisquit wanted “all comments in one place.” I wrote a well thought out, counterpoint to much of what she wrote, including asking why she didn’t link to the majority of LOST critics who enjoyed the final season and thought the finale was very good. I didn’t attack her, just said that I thought she could have looked at things a little more critically. To no surprise, she modded my comment, and it never appeared. What you will find at her site it a bunch of sheep who will follow her into her abyss of vitriol aimed at one of the greatest shows of all time.

            We can at least be glad that she destroyed ANY credibility/chance she would have had to continue blogging with her meltdown this season. Good riddance.

          • bplenc says:

            agree with all you said. and well said too.

  7. bplenc says:

    13 EMMY nominations for LOST !
    in yo face FB.

  8. belly blast says:

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