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1. Best Resurrection: Death is ever-present on Lost, but we weren’t prepared for two within the first hour. (R.I.P., Juliet!) Efforts to heal a mortally wounded Sayid by bathing him in a sacred pool at The Temple appear to fail. Even super-savior Jack’s CPR ministrations are useless. But in the mind-bending episode’s closing moments, Sayid suddenly bolts upright and asks, “What happened?” We’re kind of wondering the same thing.

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13 Responses to “TV guide article : TOP moment of the week”

  1. Mister says:

    I think Sayid is still dead. I believe he’s possessed by Jacob

  2. Windy says:

    If he were possessed by Jacob, he wouldn’t have to ask what happened.

  3. The Real Norrin Radd says:

    Because Jacob knows EVERYTHANG.

  4. 5ws1h says:

    Duh, he can’t be Jacob. Clearly, Sayid is someone who has no idea what has happened. Hey, I know. Sayid is Sayid! (or maybe he’s Walt? ;)

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  7. hot gril says:

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