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TV guide article : TOP moment of the week

By lyly ford,

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1. Best Answer: [Deep exhale] What a relief! Thanks, UnLocke, for giving us one of the most satisfying answers we’ve ever gotten from Lost. “The numbers” are a sequence that Jacob assigned to six people from Oceanic 815 — passengers Shephard, Ford, Reyes, Jarrah, Locke and Kwon — who are candidates to replace him as protector of the island. But wait, why those numbers? And why those people? Jin or Sun Kwon? Why isn’t Kate on that list? Protect the island from what? Argh!

source : tv guide

From TVFrenzy: True Detective s2 E8: Omega Station (First Thoughts)

  • TJ

    I think it was Jin, not Sun. I think the only people on the list are male, which would explain why Kate wasn’t on there. JMO

    • costanza

      Who ever wrote that must not have been paying attention. We didn’t get an answer about the numbers, we got an answer about lists. When Flocke was asked about the numbers all he had to say was “Jacob had a thing about numbers…” – not much of an answer at all.

    • Man in Blue

      Not true–there were several women on the list who were crossed out.

  • Deon Castera

    Superb Site, you have a new follower now

  • sparafucile

    Isn’t it possible that Claire Littleton ISN’T a candidate, but Aaron Littleton is?

    • Motherlode

      Aaron littleton or in old testament times Aaron Shepard as patrichial rules (or so I have heard was tnat the name of the paternal line took precendence over the maternal. We used to have a matriachal system then it went patriarchal and todays PC standards has us returning to the matriarchal).

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