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In a parallel universe, Lost’s stars are back on Oceanic flight 815 this season. But do they look the same as they did six years ago?
What do you think of our losties, did they age well or not ?

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22 Responses to “Lost: Now and Then”

  1. Marc says:

    Sawyer got a bit chubby eh? Must have been all that Dharma grub for 3 years… and a good dentist on the island cause his teeth look like new!

    Kate looks a bit rough around the edges. The girl never rests.

    And they should have cut “Dr Giggles” hair for continuity.

  2. eric says:

    I think Kate has aged the most but it’s understandable as Evangeline Lilly was 24 (?) when the show started and is now 30. Usually that’s a bigger change than when you’re a guy in your mid 30s

  3. adam118 says:

    of course not! who the hell looks the same 6 years later with a different haircut?
    Some changes may be intentional, others are logistical. All of them make me giggle.

  4. GeigerCounter says:

    Jack’s hair is just terrible. He looked much better with the trim of seasons past. I mean, what’s up with the hair he has n the Island right now?!

  5. Vlad says:

    They’re showing that the island has an effect on their looks as well as their personalities/histories/etc.

  6. lostsurvivor says:

    What that it keeps them younge? Richard was given the gift of youth from Jacob, when he “Touched Him”…

  7. Motherlode says:

    Jack looks thinner Kate looks hotter and Sawyer is most definitely chubbier

  8. Jane says:

    I thought Jack/Matthew Fox looked a little older yet more youthful with longish hair at the end of the series, but then when I saw him in the Jimmy Kimmel LOST finale special with the cut hair that was pretty much the same one he sported for the first season, he looked like he hadn’t aged a day!

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