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Interview with Darlton before finale

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darltonCarlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof spoke to Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly at The Washington Post, prior to the finale.

Listen to hear them discuss the finale, their relationship and the now eagerly awaited final season of Lost.

Source : The Washington Post

From TVFrenzy: True Detective s2 E8: Omega Station (First Thoughts)

  • Uncle Beaver

    AWESOME interview. I LOVE that Cuse and Lindeloff speak to the fans, listen to what they say, and do their Podcast. It’s GREAT that THEY go on TV and talk the fans through re-cap/pre-cap specials.


  • stormko

    Anyone know a way to download that audio?

  • Crazy Bearded Jack

    I’m jealous of the relationship they have as writers. It’s an awesome dynamic; these guys have my utmost respect.

  • imfromthepast

    funny picture