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Seems as someone duped this news station by giving them footage from the Oceanic Flight 815 crash scene and telling them it was actual footage from Air France Flight 447’s tragic crash.  As Jeff Koyen points out why didn’t the news station take a harder look at the footage in question?  Why does it look cinematic and sports a widescreen view?

Apparently their explanation for even retrieving the footage is that the camera was destroyed, but the memory card came out unscathed.

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15 Responses to “Bolivian News thought Flight 815’s Crash was Actual Footage”

  1. Dan says:

    I guess they don’t get LOST in Bolivia. Either that or the news guys are idiots who didn’t notice it was from a TV show.

  2. Thatsembarrassing says:

    Ugh, that’s embarrassing.

  3. Volcanic-Activity says:

    Oh my lord — that is retarded!!!

  4. Koobie says:

    And to add to their blunders, the actual crash happened at night… this news team gives you the facts!

  5. boonesghost says:

    Someone’s going to hell for this.

  6. adam118 says:

    Everyone involved in that piece needs, not should, NEEDS to be fired. What a fucked up mistake, I mean, research mother fuckers! Bolivia, friggin joke.

  7. andres says:

    If you can understand Spanish, you’ll hear them going at length trying to rationalize and explain how this photo was possible. They even give the make and model of the camera (Casio Z750) and how it was apparently owned by a Paolo Muller (sp), an actor for children known in the outside of Puerto Alegre. Etc. Etc. They were trying so hard to give context…

  8. Nohemi says:

    Ok I speak spanish, she said that this is a real picture from the fligth and the picture was founded on a memory card that that was recovery…
    she said it supposed to belong to Paulo Muller an theater actor very well know on porto Alegre were he performed.
    Thats weird…

  9. whoa dude says:

    Ah man Nikki and Paolo

  10. richie says:

    thats hilarious!

  11. Jonathan says:

    Hey guys

    I am actually from Bolivia and a huuuge Lost Fan and I am currently living in Bolivia

    Yes it is a REAL SHAME that this tv station (PAT) made this BIG mistake, however I would like to point out that there are a bunch of people that actually love lost here in Bolivia and all over Latin America.

    I am actually waiting as you for the 6th season premiere (that got its premiere date today: Feb 2nd – I actually wonder why doc hasn’t update this fact yet.. anyway ), I know that is hard to believe for some of you, but over here we follow Lost with the same excitement, commitment and interest that all of you do (the fact that we are from Bolivia doesn’t make us not to look for clues, or not to hunt easter eggs or not to comment on Lost boards)

    However I insist, that it was really bad (and funny) what happened, but please do not take assumptions on all Bolivians based solely on this fact

    Sincerly a Bolivian Lost Fan

  12. B. Astard says:

    I think it’s viral marketing
    for LOST DVD sales in Bolivia

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