10 Responses to “The Dharma Orientation Video from The Dharma Initiative DVD Set”

  1. I so want to watch this, but I’m going to have to wait until I get my set!

  2. Jakeup says:

    Awesome, glad I watched. Couldn’t wait.

  3. Hunter says:

    Isn’t Phil killed during the incident? But Chang’s arm seems to be lifeless (as if this video was shot post-incident). A clue perhaps?

    • jimmy zer00 says:

      Definitely the clue-iest thing I saw in that whole vid.

      Also, I am now super mega pumped for season six after watching that.

    • neoloki says:

      there were a couple of images in the video that were on the previous Island Orientation Video. Very possible they would use spliced together footage. So, I wouldn’t make to much of Phil being included.

  4. GeigerCounter says:

    I really like the fact that this guy we only knew from 2 minute orientation videos eventually became a pretty important character. That’s Lost for ya.

  5. dp2 says:

    It has to be a mix of shots. Ben and Roger saw part of the video when they arrived, yet it includes footage of the recruit group that Hurley, Jack, and Kate were in.

    Notice how they keep those three just out of frame in all the shots. Theoretically, you see Hurley’s left arm when Phil is talking.

  6. I was hoping to get a shot of LaFleur during the Security part.

  7. Alysa Mckim says:

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