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During those interviews, Foxy shared some spoilers for s6 with us. thanks Odi for the transcript.

1) He knew that in that Jack and Locke would have to go head to head quite a bit in Season 6. Now if he is talking about the real Locke or Darth Locke who knows? At least we will get a good dose of Terry O’ Quinn.
2) The opening scene in Season 6 will confirm what happened in the Season 5 Finale and that it will be both confusing and surprising at first.
3) About a third of the way through the season both time lines will be “solidified into one time” and there will be one linear time throughout the story on the island with no more flashbacks.
4) When describing the end of the show he uses several different adjectives and confirms talking to Damon Lindelof many times and that each time he does that it is surprising that it is so “moving”. Some of the words he uses are Beatiful, Redemptive, Sad and ends with saying it is just Awesome!

17 Responses to “Matthew’s fox interview”

  1. Devin says:

    Why did I read that??? I always avoid all spoilers!


    I’m an idiot!!!

  2. So, after hearing this, my theory is that Jack will serve as a vessal for Jacob, as John served as a vessel for Jacob’s enemy.

    • adam118 says:

      Interesting. But Jack would be a willing participant and not dead.
      OR, Jacob is gone, and Jack becomes leader due to him not being afraid of Locke in any form (does that make sense?)
      Like, everyone else is scared of Darth Locke but Jack is able to see the good in Locke Locke ala Star Wars duh

  3. Michael (not Michel) says:

    if time was changed, jacob would perhaps not die/be dead. Possibly, the statue would still be standing – whatever relevance that may have.

    • adam118 says:

      Dude, WTF you care about Jacob for?
      “Neo Buddha Zen” Jack vs Darth Locke > Jacob and hippo statues.

      I’ve been waiting five seasons for Jack to realize his potential damnit! I’ve spent a fraction of that time wondering if the statue was a dog, hippo, gator, or Juliet.
      Hippo statues…so stupid. Yes I know what the hippo statue represents, but, c’mon, it’s a friggin hippo statue.


      Adam=Jack Fanboy Since Day 1

      Ooh who’s Sawyer gonna fight?
      Think Kate or Claire will have a catfight with Illyana?
      Think a black person will join the cast?

  4. adam118 says:

    that either sucks or rules that it’ll take ONE THIRD OF THE SEASON FOR THEM TO BE IN THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!
    Very intrigued by the idea of no flashbacks at all.

  5. Hexonxonx says:

    My bet is that season 6 opens with Jughead having gone off, destroying the construction site and creating the need for the Swan station as we know it to be built. We will find out that Richard was on hand to witness the event. That would quickly resolve the ending of season 5 and confuse the audience as MF says. Jack et al will somehow be zapped back to 2008 and I really hope there’s no timeline change.

  6. Michael (not Michel) says:

    other thought on the “confusing” bit:

    could the season open with us being dropped straight into an alternate timeline and the new flashbacks could be used to fill us in on the differences between this timeline and the one we knew? that would be confusing as hell for a while.

  7. MajorFX says:

    I just hope they can find some funds to upgrade the SFX in the(slow)approaching final season. The money spent would be worth it to all of us..the Fans. Maybe I’m asking for too much..with the economy in the shape its in and the payroll for that great cast….

  8. Robbie: Jack's Sidekick says:

    I have figured too that the flashbacks/flash forwards will be replaced by an alternate time line, yet they will both come to the same point. After all, this is a show about destiny and the swan didn’t bring them to the island, destiny did. As for Jack being the leader, it all makes since. That’s what the Asian lady saw in him, that is what he is. Why else would his family members (mainly his father, Christian) be bothered with?

  9. yoga clothes says:

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  10. The last episode was really amazing…

  11. Thank you for the transcript, Foxy rules….

  12. c’est vraiment très intéressant……….:)

  13. Nelia says:

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