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Matthew Fox was interviewed by David Letterman last night for the Late Show.Watch the video to hear him talk about his childhood, his own kids, and how he thinks the audience will react to the season finale. No spoilers at all involved.

Also funny was David Letterman trying to pretend he knew about Lost and saying “The hatch, they uh opened the hatch”. I loved Matthews response!

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7 Responses to “Matthew Fox on David Letterman (no spoilers)”

  1. Letterman doesn’t watch TV does he? Unless its a Lauren Conrad sextape..

  2. Robbie says:

    18 more episodes? I’m assuming they’re done filming the finale, so did he make a mistake or is there really 18 more?

  3. Benry says:

    Letterman definitely doesn’t watch lost… kimmel is probably the best host for interviewing lost actors

  4. malen says:

    Matthew I love you , are abeautiful

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  6. shoes says:

    Doing everything he could to push it through congress.

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