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According to an article on Us Magazine‘s online site,  Fox has decided to chuck in the towel when it comes to television acting. Once LOST wraps, of course.   Don’t panic. The article quotes him as saying that he has done two television shows, both of which ran for six seasons at more than 300 hours of television.  He’s tired of TV.  Fox, who got his start on Party of Five,  says that he is  “either going to make movies with filmmakers I want to work with or I’ll be doing something else entirely.”

He then plans to move his family – he has a wife and two children-  to Oregon to get away from much of the craziness in Hawaii and Los Angles as possible.

I can’t say that it matters much either way to me.  I’d watch him do just about anything -whether I have to cough up the admission price to a movie theater or tune in through syndication.


14 Responses to “Fox done with TV after LOST”

  1. Dharma77 says:

    Fair enough, he has had a very good run on TV and no doubt he will have a steady stream of work after LOST. He is certainly a great actor, as he played the drunk/depressed Jack beautifully and I hope his work (and all the cast) are awarded in 09/10.

  2. 5ws1h says:

    I agree. I’m done with TV after LOST as well.

  3. Mesa says:

    He’s an amazing actor. I would have hated to have to compare him to his Lost character. Now I can just watch the movies he is in and not worry about that.

    • clueless1der says:

      I have to say, if he didn’t make Jackass so believable, I wouldn’t want to poke the character with sharp, pointy things for at least 36 minutes of any given episode.

  4. Mirko says:

    In all propability, we will see Foxy playing at least a dozen more roles in the next 15 years I guess.

  5. b3astlyz says:

    Haha I read this title and I thought it was referring to the FOX television network. I was crossing my fingers too! Everyone is forgetting Evangeline Lilly is giving up acting altogether. At least Foxy leaves the door open for film.

  6. I really hope he gets some movie roles, as I’ve always thought he was a pretty good actor on LOST.

    I’m also hoping that Josh Holloway gets some roles thrown his way after LOST ends, he is really talented. Shave off the hair, work on the accent a little, and you have a man who can fit into any role.

    And of course, I want Henry Ian Cusik to earn some too! haha

  7. clueless1der says:

    I imagine that he’s just tired of the legions of fangirls…..

    Actually, I think that’s sort of nice that he’s at a place in his career where he can pick and chose what to do.

  8. Marc Vibbert says:

    I’m hoping Foxy gets chosen to play Captain America in the upcoming movie, I think he’d be perfect

  9. thenumbersarebad says:

    sniffle, sniffle, i will miss him

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