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Hello Guys :)

I thought it was the right place to say it, i’m putting on Ebay a script signed by Damon Lindelof And Carlton Cuse for one of the most amazing LOST episode “The Constant” !

Feel Free to ask me questions :)

click on the link to see the auction

Good Luck to anyone !


7 Responses to “Auction to get signed script of “The Constant” By LOST Producers”

  1. RichPundit says:

    LMAO … think maybe Darlton et al can now come out of hiding since the statue of limitations or similar legal time expiration of claims against their despicable, 6 year marketing scam to falsely promote their promised LOST answers for greedy personal gain may have ended. Then again, why bother to leave their lavish lifestyles in exile, eh? ROTFL

  2. imfromthefuture says:

    lol i cant believe you are still coming here to troll.. amazing..

    • RichPundit says:

      **still simmering** … am exploring legal collective action against Darlton et al for years of intentional false advertising for profit among other damages. Yes, amazing, eh?

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