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ANOTHER Lost Video Podcast – More ‘Splainin

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Since one is never enough, here is the SECOND LOST Video Podcast of the week. This time Damon and Carlton do a little explaining, while the cast reacts to the character turns so far this season – and speculate on the future.

From TVFrenzy: True Detective s2 E8: Omega Station (First Thoughts)

  • James

    Sounds like Sawyer and Flocke might go on a tear.

  • hugo

    On the subject of Jacob, could it be that he is like Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen? I’m specifically referring to the latter’s ability to see all along his own personal time-line at once, past and future intersecting, unless something interferes. It’s no secret that Damon is a big fan of Watchmen.

  • Takeshi

    Hmmm. I wonder if Carlton’s comment about some people are on the side of good while others are on the side of evil has anything to do with the Lost Supper photo.

  • Renteria

    I’m beginning to wonder if they’re setting Jack up to be one of the greatest tragic characters of all time

  • Kevin

    Even more so than Locke? :)

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