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  • donuteyes


  • Hipster Doofus

    These guys rule. But I agree with donuteyes, Doc. You seem to have neglected Whenever you post something, I’m usually very confused as to what it is related to, at least as far as I can tell from my feedreader. Its like you mention something that we’re supposed to already know about, like this ARG or the Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear guy, and its unrelated and there’s no context whatsoever. Maybe you’re posting corroborating information at tvovermind, but for those of us who look to you, exclusively, for Lost news, you’re not as on top of things as you once were.

  • KJJ

    Hey, that’s pretty hectic! Any idea on what type of flowers the bus has?

    • cason_point

      Too bad there aren’t any anthuriums on it…

  • ForwardSlash

    hmmm not so great this one! i am amazed these are not all getting bought up quick like the 2nd poster. Hopefully some more cool ones will come up and i will get a chance at them. If it is all about fan appreciation, i hope they don’t forget all the fans outside the US and do somethings in other places that we can possibly join in, specifically in the UK!

  • neoloki

    I am assuming Doc thinks we already know what the source material is and he is right. This should be pretty obvious by now.

    Too hippie for my taste.

  • docarzt

    Hipster: I’m not going to be like these other guys and try to maintain a level of coverage in the off season that is insulting to you in its lack of substance and nothing more than an attempt to keep ad revenue high. Let’s be honest. There is nothing going on besides this game, LU later this month, and the mysteries videos – save for a few very uninteresting spoilers. When it’s necessary, we’ll be going full bore again.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Well, I still check the site daily. Okay, more than once daily. I do so ’cause I know when some meaty content appears I don’t want to miss it. Jus’ keep doing what you’re doing, Doc. Don’t hate the haters – jus’ smile at ’em.

      • Hipster Doofus

        You should just use a feedreader, like Google Reader. It’ll tell you when a site updates, that way you don’t have to check all the time. (Trust me, I used to be the exact same way.)

    • Hipster Doofus

      Thanks for the reply, Doc. I understand. It was just that some posts seem to lack a little context. I really don’t mind the lack of content at all. My brain needs a rest from Lost as well. Its why I stay away from DarkUFO and the endless cycle of cups. I did that one year, debated my ass off, and don’t feel the need to do it again.

      Can’t wait for lost to return.

      • docarzt

        I have to admit though, I’ve been going through a lot of development cycles outside of DA, and that surely has impacted the coherency of the site not to mention the frequency of updates. Watch for more soon.

  • simplevincent

    this is a neat one…although i’m still a total floozy over the Locke/rear window poster.

  • TomRex

    I received this as I was the first to order the Van print. Feel free to look through for any “clues”.